Temporary & Second Phone Number App for Wifi, Data Calling & Texting


Make private WIFI and data calls, send texts, picture messages and manage multiple numbers...all in one easy-to-use app.

Stay protected and stay private with Hushed.

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Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Get a second number with Hushed—perfect for any situation when you need to give out a phone number to use for calling and texting. Keep your real number safe and completely separate.

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Local, Mobile, and Toll-Free numbers available from all over the world (+1 United States/Canada, +44 U.K… and more!) Flexible short term or long term Subscriptions, Prepaid Plans, or Pay-as-you-go Plans from as low as $2.99!

Multiple Number, Multiple Devices—Any Situation

Multiple Number, Multiple Devices—Any Situation

Add and manage as many numbers as you’d like in one simple app. Get all the benefits of a second phone number without carrying another phone with you—perfect for Dating, Online Classifieds, Business, Travel, and more!

Easy To Use & Loaded With Features

Easy To Use & Loaded With Features

Access your Hushed numbers from anywhere in the world using a WiFi/data connection. Paired with plenty of features (Custom Voicemail Greetings, Call Forwarding, Auto-Reply Messages… and more!), Hushed has been trusted by millions of users all with one thing in mind—privacy.

Keep Your Privacy with Hushed

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“If you’re worried about the minutes left on your actual mobile phone contract, Hushed goes for VoIP, meaning it will default to making calls over Wi-Fi rather than the data network.”

Eric Griffith, PC MAG

“Ideal for communicating with anyone you don't necessarily want to have your number, like the person on Craigslist or a blind date you're meeting for the first time.”


“Hushed App is hassle-free, easy to operate and affordable. It is the ideal solution for nomad businessmen willing to stay in touch with their clients wherever they are.”

Google Play Review

“A viable, more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice.”


“I love this application, I have tried several it is by far the best of its kind. Simple and so inexpensive, it allows me to text or call in complete confidentiality. ”

Google Play Review

“Protects my personal number from those I don’t want to have access to it and maintains contact where needed.”

Google Play Review

“In the age of digital communication, it’s nice to know there’s still a way to help protect one’s privacy. Hushed does just that!”

Google Play Review

“Love this app helps me keep my number anonymous when I don't really want to give it out but have trouble saying no.”

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