Wedding Planning? Hushed is the Ultimate Hack

|This savvy bride-to-be unlocked the ultimate wedding planning hack when she used a temporary phone number to stay organized and avoid spam.

When you’re wedding planning, you can pretty much count on three universal truths:

1. There will be some degree of drama (family, bridal party, random guests)

2. Everything will cost more than it probably should

3. You will give your phone number to waaaay too many vendors


Here at Hushed — everyone’s favorite app for getting low-cost temporary phone numbers — we’re always interested when our customers share a brand-new reason they love using Hushed. And when we hear this latest reason? Well, we were blushing like a bride!

“I used Hushed when we were planning our wedding,” one happy Hushed customer told a member of our team. “I went to a couple of different bridal shows and expos, and every booth was offering discounts or giving away free stuff, BUT you always had to give them your email address and your phone number so they could reach out.”

Naturally, this Hushed customer didn’t want to give her real phone number away to dozens of strangers, but she definitely wanted to take advantage of discounts. And free stuff? Heck yeah! ALL THE FREE STUFF.

So she got a brilliant idea: Use a temporary phone number for wedding planning!

“I already had a Gmail account for wedding stuff, so I got a Hushed phone number just for wedding stuff and started writing that on all the ballots and forms. It was perfect because all the annoying vendor calls went there, and I didn’t have to answer any of them. If I won a prize, they’d leave me a voicemail on Hushed and I’d be able to get back to them.”

Genius, right?! Many of us have been to similar wedding fairs and expos where it feels like everyone is hungry for your phone number, and giving them a Hushed phone number is a great way to snag deals without putting your real phone number on a million spammy lists.

Since every Hushed number comes with its own free voicemail service, you can make it seem like a real phone number — recording an outgoing message with your name and a promise to return the call later — and accept voicemail messages in case you won a prize or actually wanted to get back in touch with one of the wedding vendors.

And then? This brilliant bride took this wedding planning hack even further!

Alongside the “throwaway” wedding planning number she could give away on forms and prize ballots when she was attending wedding expos and wedding fairs (and not commuted to any particular vendor yet), she bought a second temporary phone number from Hushed specifically as her “wedding” phone number.

She used this wedding phone number (jokingly called “the wedding hotline”) as the go-to contact for her wedding planner, venue contact, caterer, tailor, wedding favor vendor, etc. so she streamlined all wedding-related phone calls coming into a single source.

Since multiple people can log into a single Hushed account, she was also able to get her spouse-to-be involved by having them make/receive wedding phone calls and texts on this special wedding phone number.

Then on those nights when they were both feeling exhausted from worrying about wedding-related tasks, they could simply mute/ignore all Hushed phone calls and let everyone leave voicemails instead. (And continue answering their regular phone numbers, which would only be friends/family calling.)

Give your Hushed ‘wedding hotline’ number to …

  • Wedding vendors
  • Wedding planners
  • Venue coordinators
  • Caterers/dieiticians
  • Cake/dessert bakers
  • Wedding favor creators
  • Rental companies
  • Hotel contacts
  • Jewellers
  • Officiants
  • Musicians/performers
  • DJs
  • Security teams
  • Hairstylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Tailors/alterations specialists

How to get a (temporary) wedding phone number

1. Download the free Hushed app

2. Choose a phone number (300+ area codes)

3. Keep it as long as you need it

After the wedding? This savvy bride deleted their wedding phone numbers.

Since they didn’t need to be reached by any of these vendors anymore, they deleted both Hushed numbers. Poof! No more calls or texts.

Best of all, their regular phone numbers remained pristine and untouched — not added to any spammy lists sold by those wedding vendors (and prospective wedding vendors who collected phone numbers at the bridal fairs and expos).

Another genius use of the Hushed app, and we hope this wedding planning hack helps other couples!