1. 25 Things You Need To Know About Dating in 2018.

    Online Dating is no where close to where it was 10 years ago. According to eHarmony, more than 40% of Americans have used online dating services to try and find that special someone. Although it has turned into more of a socially acceptable way of meeting people, it still poses its own set of risks....

  2. Want To Step Up Your Online Dating Safety? Read This.

      It can be intimidating meeting someone for the first time for online dating, add that you’ve only spoken with them on the internet and the anxiety can be overwhelming. Dating sites have limited security and that can turn those first date jitters into something of a panic. Taking the required steps to protect yourself...

  3. Hushed V4 now supports end-to-end encryption!

    We’re extremely happy to announce the latest version of Hushed is being released, “Hushed 4.0”. This version contains a slew of updates and new features for users to take advantage of, so let’s dive right into it. The updates are divided into two sections Hushed Messenger and Hushed phone. We are continuing to ensure and...

  4. What No One Wants To Tell You About Privacy

      Is Privacy Really Dead? If it is, it’s because we killed it. In George Orwell's 1984, Winston Smith wrestles with oppression in Oceania, a place where the Party (government) scrutinizes human actions with an ever-watchful Big Brother. The citizens ‘right to privacy’ was abolished - forced to conform to the overall message of Big...

  5. Why We Need Privacy Tools

    If you're like many individuals, you might not think that you need to use the numerous internet privacy tools currently available. You think you're relatively safe or you just don’t think about it that much. You share all kinds of information about yourself online. Should you worry? OR, you may be you believe using them...

  6. 5 Things You Should Consider When Using Anonymous Social Media

    Back in 2007, a recent graduate of Duke University by the name of Matt Investor created an anonymous social media platform called Juicy Campus. The app was designed for college students and encouraged people to spread gossip about other students instead of talking about themselves. This lead to a wave of social media platforms designed...

  7. 10 Reasons to Invest in a Disposable Number

    We’ve all seen it in movies. Bad guy gets a call (or a text), does a bad thing, and disposes of a reasonably good cellphone. Back in the days before the invention of the iPhone, burner phones were associated with criminals. It was an easy, yet cost-effective way to stay under the radar of the...

  8. Cure a Bad Date Before it Becomes Chronic. Get a Burner Number Before Your Next Date.

    You just had a week’s vacation away, somewhere hot with a nice beach and tropical water. But now you don’t feel so hot. Your throat is scratchy, you’re sniffling and your pockets are stuffed with balled up tissue. Now time for bad dates yes? It’s the airplane. Everyone blames the airplane and its recalculated air....

  9. Stop Regret In Its Tracks With the Help of a Burner Number for Dating.

    It makes a nice motivational poster, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen it on a t-shirt or five. But really, is it even possible to have no regrets? Think of all the dumb stuff you’ve done in your life. Is there anything in that pile that you wished you hadn’t done? Stealing your best friend’s...

  10. Had Trouble Shaking a Bad Date? Travel with a Burner Number in Your Pocket to Make Sure History Stays History.

    “Did you get her phone number?” and “Did you give him your phone number?” have to be two of the most frequently asked questions your friends will pose. (Yes, they’ll ask a lot more follow up questions too when the time comes.) When someone decides to give you their number, they’re offering up much more...

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