1. What Is a Dummy Phone Number, and What Are the Benefits?

    What Is a Dummy Phone Number, and What Are the Benefits? When you think of dummy phones, it’s not unusual to conjure up visions of an actual dummy, but where does a dummy phone number fit in. Don’t worry, it’s not a derogatory term, it’s just one of the many names given to a number...

  2. Phone Number Generator App: Save Money and Stay Safe

    There’s no denying the importance of having an active phone number. Despite its introduction many years ago, the humble phone number remains an integral part of everyday life, which many of us would struggle to do without. However, this doesn’t mean it should be given to anyone who asks, as nowadays our phone number can...

  3. Anonymous Calling Apps: Are They All The Same?

    Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call in 1876, and things have never been the same since. Back in the primitive days of communications, there was less to worry about than there is today. The world has changed and Alexander could not have foreseen the kind of things people might need today. Specifically,...

  4. Perfect Your Privacy with a Text Burner App

    Although many of us can marvel at how far technology has taken us, it’s not without cost. More and more people are becoming concerned about their online privacy, and who has access to their information. One way you can control that is buy getting a text burner number. There are many places our information can...

  5. Alias Numbers: What are They and What Can They Do?

    When browsing the Internet, you can be met with a multitude of terms that all mean the same thing. As such, many may be perplexed as to what an alias phone number is and what it’s capable of. An alias phone number is a phone number that is created by apps such as Hushed, and...

  6. Why Hushed App Is Perfect For Private Number Calling

    Private number calling is a great to protect yourself in more ways then one. When looking to speak to people you don’t know on the phone, there will be times when we want to withhold our actual phone number. Why Consider Private Number Calling in the First Place? Some may be wondering why they would have...

  7. Why You Should Consider Using a Temporary Number for SMS

    Why You Should Consider Using a Temporary Number for SMS The sending of SMS texts is an everyday occurrence for many, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with issues. Although communicating with friends and family rarely poses a problem, should the wrong person get hold of our phone number, then we could find ourselves in...

  8. Apps That Give You a Phone Number

    Apps That Give You a Phone Number Although there are ways of obtaining a phone number with the use of an app, there can be instances where this is more expensive, depending on the reason you’re looking to acquire a new number. Unless you’re using the phone number all the time, it’s often a waste...

  9. Is a Burner App Traceable?

    The exchanging of information is something that is commonplace nowadays, so much so, that many don’t even give it a second thought. However, there can be instances where in hindsight, we’ve been a little too careless in the handing over of our personal information. Most people you come into contact with will have a phone number,...

  10. The Benefits of a Burner Phone App

    Nowadays, there are so many ways for us to converse with people, many of us may wonder why we even need a phone number. However, the truth remains that the humble old school phone line remains an integral part of communications, regardless of whether we’re using a phone number for personal or business reasons. Just...

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