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Getting a phone number. Made simple.

Choose from a variety of affordable plans to go with each phone number. Perfect for any situation—
whether you need a second number for a short time, or to keep for as long as you want. No contracts, no hassles.


Our most flexible plans bundled with local minutes and SMS usage.

Starting At

US$ 2 .99

  • Bundled minutes/SMS for local calling and texting*
  • 7, 30, 90, and 365 Day plans available - extend your number at any time!
  • One-time payment. Perfect for any short term or long term use case



For international calling capabilities with your Hushed number.

Starting At

US$ 6 .99

  • Call internationally anywhere in the world at great rates!
  • Uses Hushed Credits directly from your account balance
  • International texting capabilities available with US/CAN numbers

*(+1) U.S. and Canadian numbers can place/receive calls and texts within both countries on all plan types

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hushed?

    Hushed is the best private phone number app for ANY occasion when you need a different number for calling and texting. Give out your Hushed number any time you wish to keep your real number safe and anonymous.

  • Where does Hushed work?

    All operations on Hushed (calls, texts, etc.) require a WiFi/data connection on your device—Hushed will work anywhere in the world where a stable connection is available. You don’t even need a real wireless plan or SIM card as long as you have access to WiFi!

  • How do I create a Hushed account?

    Signing up on Hushed is super simple—no hassles, no contracts, and no verification needed.

    We don't even need any of your personal information. Hushed numbers are managed entirely in the app and will have no effect on your real phone number attached to your SIM card/wireless plan.

  • Can I add or own more than one Hushed number at a time?

    Yes! Hushed makes it incredibly easy to manage multiple phone numbers without having to carry multiple devices. Get as many phone numbers as you want to use on a single Hushed account!

    Perfect for creating multiple "identities" through phone numbers—whether for privacy, business, or just for the convenience of organizing your busy modern-day life.

  • What caller ID do others see when I call or text them?

    When making a call or texting through Hushed, the recipient sees ONLY your Hushed phone number—and it looks just like any traditional number. No other information is shared. Rest assured that your real phone number from your SIM card is always completely hidden and cannot be traced back to you. Likewise, your name is not associated with your number at all!