TikTok Discount Code Hacks For Online Shopping

Best TikTok Discount Code Hacks

When you’re online shopping, TikTok discount code hacks are a serious game-changer. Nobody’s gate-keeping a thing! Somebody saves a bit of money, and they helpfully record a quick video to show us exactly how they did it.

TikTok is one of the social channels were many of us are shopping these days, and it’s easy (maybe too easy) to make purchases there.

I think my TikTok algorithm knows me better than I know myself. (And sometimes it suggests a bizarre acrylic painting of a yeti draped sensually across an excessively lengthy canvas. Is that what I need to display above my fireplace mantel? Maybe. If the algorithm says so, who am I to argue?)

Screenshot of the Temu app showing a painting of Bigfoot laying semi-prone with a raccoon
Seriously? They think I want to buy this?

Regardless of how accurate (or ridiculous) the suggestion might be, it is nearly impossible to resist tapping “See more” when an intriguing product pops up in my feed.

But how do you know you’re …

(A) getting the real deal (Look, if you’re buying the yeti painting, you don’t want a fake, do you?)
(B) getting the best price

From sneaky sign-ups to hustling for bigger savings, we’re rounding up the easiest TikTok discount code hacks …

1. Give ’em a phone number.

More and more companies are demanding a phone number so they can send you a discount code. (Probably because they know we’re inundated with a zillion unread promotional emails.)

So at this point, the TikTok discount code hack that saves me from jumping in with both feet is my Hushed phone number. It protects you from getting spammed on your regular phone number but still gives a peek at that sweet discount code. 

2. Sign up for their emails.

Signing up for an email newsletter is another TikTok discount code hack that should not be underestimated. Though it might land you on a regular mailing list, trading your email almost always fetches you at least a small discount. Expect 10%-30% off a first purchase from the company. So HOLD OFF on that first purchase until the first email trickles in. (It’s often within minutes of signing up.)

3. Search the product online

This includes checking Google images to see where else it might be listed. If the TikTok ad was posted by a drop shipper, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to procure the item from a variety of sellers, and an even better chance that there will be a range of pricing on the same product. Be sure to check shipping options and locations of businesses to make sure that taxes and delivery don’t end up costing more than the item itself. 

4. Use YouTube

This is a weird one, but we swear, it works. YouTube can be used as a search engine for a TikTok discount code hack to help you discover more information and potential savings. Just enter the company name (or the product name) +discount and see what comes up. 

5. Try a browser extension.

A TikTok discount code hack that is easy to forget about, especially if you’re using your mobile device to purchase rather than a computer, is the opportunity to save money via browser extensions. Installing price-scanning browser extensions like Rakuten or Honey will help ensure that you’re using the best available coupons or codes to use on your item. 

BONUS TIP: Consider where you’ve seen the ad.

Was it a corporate video? Was it a sponsored post from an influencer? Might it have been UGC (user generated content)? Each different delivery of an advertisement can offer a different price or promotion. With a little bit of extra research, that item can arrive on your doorstep for even less than the price at which it first appeared in your feed. 

So, which TikTok discount code hack will get me that ravishing yeti print Temu keeps showing me? Quick, before I think better of it!