Staying Connected in Long-Term Care: Tips and Tools

Staying connected in long-term care

Worried about staying connected in long-term care with your older family members when they enter a hospital or long-term care facility?

A Hushed online number offers a low-tech, simple way to help maintain vital social connections that serve to support their overall wellness, mental health, and offer the comfort and reassurance that comes from keeping in touch with their loved ones.

For seniors who may be used to staying connected primarily through a landline at home, transitioning to a hospital or long-term care environment can be disorienting. Feelings of isolation can be exacerbated without their usual communication tools. Fortunately, keeping them linked with their friends and family is still possible with only a basic device and the installation of a Hushed online number.

Although we’re in an era where smartphones feel ubiquitous, for older generations, that is not necessarily the case. For some, though they may own a smartphone– or even a simple cell phone—landlines are often still a preferred form of communication. For others, they might not even own a mobile device. 

Consider the circumstances in which the individual might find themselves in the hospital or long-term care facility. In the event that their stay was unexpected or unplanned, the lack of access to communication can cause additional unnecessary distress. Over the period of their stay, this can be compounded by feelings of isolation and a disconnect from their loved ones. 

In any scenario, it’s crucial to a senior’s well being to maintain important social connections.

If they are navigating unfamiliar environments or facing healthcare issues, being able to reach out to someone they trust via their Hushed online number, can assuage concerns, provide a valuable outlet for discussing their care, or simply just sharing updates of their daily lives. Calls and texts offer invaluable comfort and reassurance

A Hushed online number is the low-cost lifeline for seniors during their stay in the hospital or while residing in a long-term care facility. Have an old phone or a tablet at home? With your old device, your senior family member or loved one can set up an online number quickly and affordably. Functioning the same as a traditional phone number, a Hushed number allows users to make calls and send text, regardless of their location. The low-cost also offers a convenient solution for anyone who might be on a fixed income—often even a less expensive alternative to a landline service.

Versatile and easily-accessible, seniors who might not be tech-savvy can still easily navigate the setup process with minimal assistance. Simply choose a Canada or U.S.A. number to give them the ability to chat with friends and family anywhere between the two countries, regardless of where their loved ones might reside. 

Never underestimate the difference that hearing a familiar voice or receiving a heartfelt message can make in the life of a senior to remind them that they are not alone and that they have loved ones on the outside who are keeping them in their daily thoughts.