Long Distance Relationships: How a Second Phone Number Can Help


Is the old adage true? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? No matter the answer, long-distance relationships can be challenging. Maintaining communication is crucial to maintaining a close and strong connection with your partner. Having a dedicated second number can offer privacy, flexibility, and a sense of stability to soothe the strain of being apart. 

Communications Across Countries

International calls can cost a fortune and create a financial strain that could, unfortunately, lead to additional pressure on the already difficult scenario of long-distance relationships. A Hushed online number will ease the need to double check rates and fees for texting and calling internationally or even long distance within the same country. 

Likewise, establishing an additional temporary local number when one partner is visiting the other, can save them from incurring roaming fees. For additional ease, streamline all your communications by declaring your Hushed number(s) the “official” mode of contact within your relationship

Making Time

Having a dedicated number for your partner makes it easier to manage communications across different time zones. The dedicated channel for chats and texts can help ensure that conversations, including important messages or just simple “I love you and I miss you” messages are not overlooked. 

The flexibility that comes from having an online number also offers a seamless transition across platforms and devices. So if one of you is working while the other is asleep, well wishes and virtual kisses can still be conveyed when one of you is ready to receive them. 

Ring Ring

While it might require a bit of additional creativity, keeping the magic of your romance strong across geographies is an important consideration. Assigning a specific ringtone to your long-distance love is a sweet and playful way to give yourselves a surge of affection whenever you hear the familiar jingle to indicate a message or call from your partner. 

Feeling saucy? Couples can keep the sizzle and even embrace the novelty of living away from one another, by exchanging racy stories or intimate photos. More of a classic romantic? Try sending tender love notes or recording video declarations of your undying dedication. For either inclination, a temporary Hushed online number offers privacy for offering personal affectionate messages, photos, or videos without security concerns that might accompany a traditional line. 

Remember to live your own lives and continue to foster your friendships and hobbies during the time you and your loved one live away from one another. Having your own independent life and interests can also strengthen your long-distance relationship by offering new topics of conversations, insights into yourselves, and enrich the bond the two of you have built.

Ultimately, a Hushed online number can offer much-needed peace of mind to both individuals in the relationship that, regardless of any other pressures that may arise while they live apart, communications will still be as constant as their love for one another.