How to Get a Temporary U.S. Phone Number

Temporary U.S. Phone Number
Calling all citizens from the home of the brave. Literally. (And anyone who just wants an American phone number. Did you know you don’t need to live in America to get an American phone number?) Getting a temporary US phone number has never been easier.

Away from home? Temporary living situation? Working out-of-state? There are a myriad of reasons for snagging yourself a temporary U.S. phone number for any state in the ol’ US of A. All you need is two minutes of time and $2.99 in your wallet.

It’s Easy as Apple Pie. Just Do it.

  1. Head to or download the Hushed app from the App Store or Google Play. 
  2. Once you’re installed, simply create an account using your go-to email address and a convenient password. 

I know, I know. Thinking up new passwords is almost as difficult as finding tickets to Taylor Swift. The good news is that, once you’ve thought of one for your newly set-up account, there are ​​no additional hassles, no contracts, and no verification required.

  1. Select “get a new number.”
  2. Choose “United States” from the list of available countries.
  3. Select “Mobile Number (for voice, sms, mms).”
  4. Select whatever state you’d like. 

Yes! Any state you want. Spending your summer at the Florabama shore? Both Florida and Alabama are on the list. Heading to Motor City to experience a few weeks of the Detroit music scene? Or maybe you are retreating to the Colorado mountains. As long as you’ve got internet, you can use your temporary U.S. number.

  1. Select an area code. 

Choose one just for fun or go with a personal connection or reference. Pretend you’re with a  Silicon Valley start-up and snag 650. Get yourself some Manhattan cachet and use 212. 

  1. Select your number. 

A few choices will come up (just shuffle through as you’d like). Now grab the one that speaks to you—or one that reminds you of simpler times. Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Nine? 

What’s the Plan, Fam?

Meemaw is waiting to hear from you. It’s time to get yourself a handy dandy Hushed plan. Here’s where you can choose between Prepaid Plans, Unlimited Subscriptions, or Pay-As-You-Go.

Prepaid Plans are the most flexible and come bundled with local minutes and SMS usage. Plans are available for 7, 30, 90, and 365 days, plus you can extend your number at any time! The one-time payment option is perfect for any short term or long term use. Unlimited subscriptions are available with a monthly or yearly plan and include unlimited talk and text that auto renews—that means no expiry date! And remember, the yearly plan saves you an additional 20%.

If you need to stay close with your besties, you can call or text any other American phone number as if you’re right down the street with your unique, newly selected, hot-off-the-press temporary U.S. number.