Live Far Away From Family? Here’s a Cheap Calling Hack

living far away from family

Some might say it’s easier than ever to stay connected when you live far away from family.

While social media is indeed a great way to catch a glimpse into someone’s highlight reel, sometimes simply seeing the photos of dance recitals and days at the beach doesn’t quite fulfil the need for that special type of personal communication that we get from true conversation. 

Sometimes, you need to hear their voice.

Phone calls provide a closeness we’ll never get from texts, sharing photos, or even swapping voice recordings and Marco-Polos.

Unfortunately, even with a great phone plan, it can still be expensive to call long distance when you live far away from family. Who remembers when landline plans came with certain times of the day and days of the week for calling long distance? So many commercials touting their amazing low rates from 7-9 pm on weeknights. I have fond memories of knowing that a ringing phone late into the evening was almost always a cousin or grandparent. 

These calls, however mundane, were always special to receive when you live far away from family. Unlike these days, when I only answer from numbers I recognize (and even then…), fighting to be the one to answer the phone was a childhood right of passage. 

Long distance plans are (still) expensive

Today, with traditional modern mobile plans, long distance calls can often be additional fees – especially with international numbers, and that goes double (or more) when roaming. Often requiring specialized infrastructure, some service providers charge based on distance in miles between callers; meaning, the further away you are, the more expensive that check-in with family is going to be. 

So here’s a cheap calling hack

If you live far away from family, a great money-saving hack is to get a Hushed phone number in your loved one’s area code. 

Nope, you don’t need to live there.

You don’t need to live anywhere close to that area code.

You just need to get a Hushed number in their area code, so it’s a local call for them to call you.

(Or, if you’re the one who wants to call them, ask them to get a Hushed number in your area code. Then you can dial their Hushed number, and it’s just like you’re calling someone down the street.)

How does it work?

No special infrastructure or hardware needed! With just a regular reliable internet connection, they’ll be able to phone you as if you’re just down the street (even if you’re actually a million miles away) with no need to worry about their own long distance rates.

For example, say your Hushed online number has a New York area code. This means that when your New York-based relatives call you, it’s as if they’re calling locally to any other New York number. Easy as pie! 

Can I dial landlines, or just cell phones?

You can call both landlines and cell phones with your Hushed phone number. That’s the beauty of it! It’s a real, working telephone number that can dial cell phones, homes, businesses, and anything else you can think of. 

How many numbers can I get?

As many as you want! Have family spread across the continent? Hushed allows you to separate your contacts with multiple lines.

With as many phone numbers as you would like, you can call your mom in Los Angeles and your sister in Saskatechewan without worrying about long distance rates. 

What if their area code isn’t available?

If you’re not able to secure the area code you want, Hushed is still a low-cost way to make long-distance calls over the internet. Hushed has options for long-distance calling for cheap with much lower rates than traditional service providers making it easy to pick up the phone when you live far away from family. 

How do I get a number?

1. Download the free Hushed app

2. Choose a phone number in your loved one’s area code

3. Pick a phone plan, and start using it right away!

Hushed is the perfect solution

It doesn’t matter if you’re a constant traveller on the move, you’ve recently relocated to a new region, or you’re just eager to connect with family and friends who live far away. 

Using a second phone number from Hushed makes it easy and affordable to stay in comfortable contact with your friends and loved ones. Happy calling!