Why Snowbirds Use Hushed For Their Second Home

|Living in two homes means two different phone numbers

Snowbirds spend part of each year in a warmer climate, happily escaping the chilly temperatures.

While your neighbours “up at home” are shovelling snow, clearing walkways, and bundling up to drive to the store, you might be sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a cold drink on your back deck, and strolling around in summer clothes.

But living in two homes means you probably have two different phone number set-ups, and that can get expensive. That’s why many savvy snowbirds choose the  Hushed app instead.

How Hushed works for Snowbirds

  1. Choose a phone number (300+ area codes)
  2. Pick a phone plan that suits your needs
  3. Use your Hushed number on any phone or tablet

Here are five reasons Hushed is great for Snowbirds …

1. You get to choose your own private (local) phone number

Hushed has 300+ area codes available, so you can choose a phone number that’s local to your vacation home. Then when you call up the local takeout spot, they see a local phone number calling (and not one from thousands of miles away).

Oh, and you can continue to use that number even during the summer months when you’re back in your primary residence.

2. You can use your Hushed number on any device

Whether it’s a new phone or a pretty old one, Hushed works on any device that can install our app (available for iOS and Android). Hushed also works great on iPads and tablets, turning them into “real” working phones. All you need is a Wi-Fi or data connection.

You can actually install the Hushed app on phones and tablets, so you have your phone number available anywhere you are. So you can keep your tablet or iPad on the kitchen counter or coffee table, serving as your “home phone,” while still using your number right on your cell phone.

Multiple devices, all connected to the same phone number!

3. You can call (and text) friends, family, and businesses

If you want to call a local food delivery place or dry-cleaners near your vacation home, you have a local number for placing that call (and getting calls back, if needed).

And since Hushed phone numbers for Canada and the U.S. are able to make calls to any phone numbers across Canada and the U.S., Snowbirds can easily keep in touch with friends and family back home.

4. You can choose the phone plan that works for you.

If you know you won’t be doing much calling and texting, then why pay for a gigantic phone plan that you’ll never use? (This is especially important for retired Snowbirds on a fixed income.)

Hushed has plans available for all different levels of usage — like a prepaid phone plan with a set number of calls and texts to use up, or a monthly phone plan with unlimited and calling and texting.

5. You can stay on budget, and cancel anytime.

Hushed numbers start at just $1.99, and there’s no need to pay for a large phone package if you know you won’t be making a ton of calls or texts.

Choose a plan that works for your lifestyle, and if you decide to move back home permanently, it takes seconds to cancel your Hushed number — no contracts or hoops to jump through.

Stay connected in all of your homes

Snowbirds, rejoice! Whether you’re at your winter home or your summer home, Hushed is here to make sure you can call and text on a budget, using your own private phone number.