How to Find a Roommate

how to find a roommate

Having a roommate can be super fun. Or it can be a nightmare. There is no in-between and there are no guarantees. The only aspect of the renter-rentee dynamic that you can be sure about is the need to protect your security as you meet people and participate in interviews on your search. 

Before you post your advertisement, be sure to download the Hushed App. It provides a secure, dedicated local phone number to include in your ad, ensuring all texts and calls are specifically for your search on how to find a roommate.

Advice for Renting Out a Room in Your Home

In many ways finding a roommate to rent a room in your home is similar to making a sale of a product or service. You need to highlight what it is and why it should appeal to someone, being sure to note what sets it apart from other options available. 

The details

The first step to find a roommate is to include a detailed description of the room available as well as the house in its entirety. Mention anything pertinent, including whether or not it comes furnished, if laundry is available, and everything included in the price of the rent (for example, a parking spot, internet, cable, etc.).

Location, location, location

Without giving away the specific address (if it’s a private residence), outline its proximity to amenities, like the grocery store, as well as any available public transit options and its walkability score.

It’s a match

What are you looking for in your roommate? Someone who keeps to themselves or a potential friend interested in a communal atmosphere? Mention if you are a night owl or an early riser as well as any particulars that might be a deal-breaker (smokers or pet-owners, for example). Consider creating a roommate agreement that includes even trivial items for your own peace of mind. 


Include high resolution photos of the room and home and multiple angles so that potential renters are not in for any surprises when they arrive on-site.

Advice for Securing a Room to Rent

Securing a room for yourself to rent in someone’s home is much like applying for a job. In a way, it’s about selling yourself as an ideal roommate to the homeowner. Lead with your best foot forward and be transparent about who you are in your home life. 

Your “Personality” resume

Provide an outline about who you are as a person and potential roommate. Include your occupation, hobbies, and interests so that the homeowner will be able to easily recognize if you might be a fit. 

Compatibility and expectations

In order to find a roommate, be open about who you are as a roommate. If you work from home, mention that you’ll be there most of the time. If you’re a musician, be clear about the volume of your instrument and your practice hours. Offer ideas as to what you bring to the arrangement. If you can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, be sure to mention that.

References and renting history

A reference from an employer or client can verify your income and ability to pay rent on time. Likewise, a reference from your current or past place of residence can help support what you’ve listed about who you are as a person to live with.

Whether you’re the renter or the rentee, be clear and be safe with any information you are providing online or to the general public. Once you’re settled in your home sweet home with your newly-secured roommate, go ahead and delete that extra Hushed number.