About Hushed

Since 2013, Hushed has offered consumers affordable private phone number solutions with fully equipped talk and text capabilities. With an expansive selection of phone numbers from over 300 area codes in the US, Canada, and UK, our goal is to provide a secure telecommunication experience for users around the world. Hushed offers mobile and local phone numbers from a variety of countries and area codes.  We pride ourselves on the high-quality service we offer all our customers, and we believe that protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Everyone has a right to phone privacy and the freedom to exercise this right whenever, wherever, and for any situation—whether it be temporarily, or even for long-term use cases.

Justin Shimoon, AffinityClick, CEO

“If you’re worried about the minutes left on your actual mobile phone contract, Hushed goes for VoIP, meaning it will default to making calls over Wi-Fi rather than the data network.”

Eric Griffith, PC MAG

“Ideal for communicating with anyone you don't necessarily want to have your number, like the person [...] on Craigslist or a blind date you're meeting for the first time.”


“In the age of digital communication, it’s nice to know there’s still a way to help protect one’s privacy. Hushed does just that!”

Google Play Review

“Love this app helps me keep my number anonymous when I don't really want to give it out but have trouble saying no.”

App Store Review
Hushed is a product of AffinityClick Inc.

AffinityClick is a software company that builds mobile, web, and enterprise telecommunications solutions since 2009.

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