Shhh! Here’s How Celebrities Maintain A Secret Phone Number


Waiting for us to spill the tea on which celebrities are using Hushed?

Well, sorry to disappoint. (We take our customers’ privacy very seriously, whether they’re a teacher, a retired grandma, or a multimillionaire singer with a gorgeous thick hair and a citrusy unisex fragrance line.)

But we can tell you that Hushed is a (not-so-secret) industry secret.

The free Hushed app makes it easy to get private, anonymous phone numbers in 300+ area codes (including Los Angeles area code numbers and New York City area code numbers) and keep the numbers as long as you want them.

We’ve got the scoop on exactly how celebrities maintain a secret phone number … and how you can, too!

They’re always paranoid about leaks

The more famous someone is, the more paranoid they tend to be about their privacy. They know it only takes one person to leak their phone number, and unfortunately, the internet has made it way too easy to share it instantly with hundreds of thousands of people desperate to get their hands on it.

They usually won’t answer unknown calls

Think about it. Phone numbers aren’t gated, or password-protected, or restricted in any way. If you have psychic abilities, you could pick up your phone right now, punch in 10 numbers, and place a direct call to your favorite actor, singer, or sports icon’s secret phone number … and they’d probably answer it. It’s pretty wild.

Celebrities get wrong number calls, just like the rest of us. Only they have something most of us don’t have: a super recognizable voice that might tip off the person who accidentally called them.

Once that caller realizes they’ve struck gold and stumbled upon a celebrity’s phone number, the celebrity is going to want to cancel it immediately.

They might use a ‘public’ number (sort of)

Many celebrities are choosing to have ‘public’ phone numbers that fans can text and call. The calls aren’t answered, obviously (except with a pre-recorded greeting) but fans can opt in to receive periodic text updates from their favorite stars.

Sites like Community list public celebrity phone numbers, so it’s easy to look up your faves.

Dua Lipa’s phone number: (917) 810-3415

Ed Sheeran’s phone number: (917) 909-4498

Tom Brady’s phone number: (415) 612-1737

Shawn Mendes’ phone number: (305) 745-7485

(Fun fact! Hushed partnered with Shawn Mendes a few years back, and fans had the chance to speak with Shawn via Hushed.)

They switch up their phone numbers regularly

Unfortunately for celebs, this happens whether they want to or not!

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity documentary, you’ve probably watched behind-the-scenes footage where they talk about a friend (usually a fellow celebrity) and say something like ‘Oh, give them my new number,’ or ‘Do I have their new number?’

While it’s not impossible for a celebrity to hang onto the same phone number for years, or even decades, it’s difficult to keep their number from getting spread around faster than the cream cheese on bagels at the crafty table.

They’ll burn a secret phone number whenever they want

Can you imagine deleting your phone number immediately? (Especially when you’ve had it for years.)

Regular people like us might think ‘Oh, I don’t want to get rid of my number. I’ve had it for ages. What if somebody needs to reach me?’

But celebrities are quick to get rid of ANY phone number that might interfere with their safety or privacy. If their secret phone number falls into the wrong hands and they don’t want a certain person to be able to call or text them again, they’ll burn that phone number without a second thought.

  • Starstruck fans
  • Former romantic partners
  • Toxic frenemies
  • Wannabes
  • Industry hucksters (IYKYK)

They use multiple phone numbers

Back in the day, when phone numbers were always tied to physical SIM cards, celebrities would have to carry around multiple phones. (Well, okay, their assistants did most of the carrying.)

Juggling different phones meant they’d always have access to their ‘main’ phone number (usually one they’ve had for ages) where they could expect calls from their agent, publicist, manager, and other industry folks, as well as their secret phone number reserved for a select list of friends and family.

When a phone number was leaked, and one of those phones would start buzzing with annoying texts, calls, and voicemails, their assistant would trot off to the nearest mobile store and get them a fresh SIM card with a new phone number.

Luckily, it’s now much easier to have multiple phone numbers without having to carry multiple phones.

But these days, they just need one phone

With Hushed, celebrities can have as many different phone numbers as they want — all on a single phone.

  • They download the free Hushed app and create an account
  • They choose from phone numbers in 300+ area codes
  • They pick a cheap phone plan (starting at $2.99)
  • They get as many phone numbers as they need
  • They delete the numbers whenever they want

Why celebrities love using Hushed

Alright, to be fair, we can only imagine why celebrities love using Hushed. We don’t have firsthand testimonials (yet) from anyone famous, but we’re working on it.


As long as the celebrity has the Hushed app on their phone or tablet, they can access all of their phone numbers in one spot. No need to juggle multiple phones or mess with different SIM cards.


If a celebrity is very cautious, there’s nothing stopping them from setting up lots of different Hushed numbers and doling them out to people as needed.

They could have a Hushed phone line labeled ‘Agents and Managers,’ and give that number only to their agents and managers. They could also have a Hushed phone line labeled ‘Cast & Crew,’ and give that one out during a specific project they’re working on (and delete the number once the project wraps). Then they could have a Hushed line labeled ‘Family’ and give that number out only to loved ones, so they keep that communication separate from everything else.


Filming in another country? They don’t have to worry about their phone number not working. Because Hushed numbers work over the internet (using VoIP technology), celebrities can use their Hushed numbers anywhere in the world, as long as they have Wi-Fi or data.


Celebrities have assistants to pay their bills, which means those assistants could look at their phone bill and see every incoming and outgoing call. With Hushed, nothing appears on a phone bill and the call history is stored safely within the app. A celebrity could call and text freely, and no one else would know their business.

(And for a very famous person, the greatest of luxuries is their secrets.)