Never Do This When Filling out a Form

filling out a form

Nobody likes paperwork. Even in the digital realm with the case of e-forms, when it’s made easier with autocomplete functions, filling out a form can be so tedious.

Not to mention, there’s always the underlying concern about protecting your data from the very real possibility of spam. (Next to paperwork and filling out a form, I’m sure we can all agree, spam is another nuisance of regular internet use.) Even on secure sites with recognizable businesses, it’s never a guarantee that your information, submitted through forms, will not be sold to third party marketers.

Too often though, we cannot resist the allure of a digital download, like free recipes or stock photos, or even additional giveaway entries. (It’s a harsh world. Who wouldn’t want to win a giveaway—as long as it’s legit, local, and verifiable, of course.) But along with that tempting offer, comes the chore of filling out a form.

You might consider filling out a form partially, simply omitting our phone number before hitting submit. Unfortunately, those pesky “required fields” often do not allow a submission to go through incomplete. 

Enter Hushed. A Hushed number is a REAL number—but it’s temporary and disposable. Perfect for using when filling out a form. It will satisfy the requirements of the required field of completing a form and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your personal data is secure and protected from potential spammers. 

When to use your Hushed number:

  • Signing up for new accounts
  • Product registrations
  • Requesting samples or product freebies
  • Booking appointments
  • Digital downloads
  • Making reservations

Take a proactive approach to protecting yourself when you need to fill out a form and have your Hushed number at the ready. When you enter your Hushed number into the required field, you know that you do not have to brace yourself for an onslaught of unwanted calls from telemarketers, obscure (and potentially bogus) fundraisers, phishing calls, and any other unwanted outreach. 

At the same time, receive the essential communications you’re seeking with the submission of the form in question. Despite Hushed being a secondary or temporary number, it still facilitates any necessary contacts and messages, including confirmations, appointment reminders, follow-up inquiries, and shipping or delivery information.

Of course, there are a few select occasions in which you should feel confident in supplying your private number when filling out a form. 

When to use your private phone number:

  • Medical appointments for yourself or your family
  • Sensitive forms requiring genuine personal contact
  • Legal dealings
  • Governmental forms (passports, licences, etc.)

For everything else, there’s Hushed. With a temporary online number for filling out a form, including an e-form, you can submit your information to acquire that tempting download, the online course, or signing up for a new service, without a second thought to any unexpected, and most definitely unwanted, spam tagging along in return.