Group Travel Connections: Keep in Touch With Hushed

|Stay in touch with group travel connections by using a private

Are you heading out on an international vacation? If you are, you can expect an exhilarating experience as you explore new cultures, make new friends and create lasting memories. 

One of the best ways to meet new people while traveling is through group travel connections. Your entire trip is planned for you, a guide leads the way each day, and the group travel connections you make (the people you meet along the way) often become lifelong friends. 

Traveling as part of a group can be great for those who want to do minimal planning on their trip, and even for those heading somewhere they have never been before. And, as you make group travel connections, you can stay in touch with your private, temporary number from Hushed

This will be a serious game changer as you forge new group travel connections, and adventure as a group. Your guide will likely need a way to reach you, and you’ll also want to be able to reach those traveling in the group with you. 

And a Hushed number is the perfect way to do just that. But wait—how does a Hushed number even work, and can you use it abroad?

You absolutely can use it abroad, and here’s the real magic: as you make those group travel connections, this lets you keep in touch and avoid the worst vacation mood killer of all: roaming fees

How does Hushed avoid roaming fees?

Because your private, temporary Hushed number runs using data (or Wi-Fi) to call, text and leave voicemails, just like a regular phone. But unlike your primary line, it will help you steer clear from those roaming fees as you’re making those group travel connections. 

And, on top of this, it’ll keep your main phone number private, in case any of your new group travel connections become someone you no longer want to talk to. You can change or delete your Hushed number anytime and, when you do, they won’t be able to reach you. 

How does Hushed stay connected?

You can use your Hushed phone number over Wi-Fi or data, but Wi-Fi can be weak at times while travelling. When you use prepaid eSIM data from aloSIM, you’ll be powering your Hushed number with steady data so you can stay in touch with your group travel connections. 

It’s super cheap, too, with 1 GB of data costing just a few dollars. You can stay connected anywhere you travel, with 150+ countries and regions to choose from.

How do I set up Hushed with aloSIM?

Buy a temporary Hushed phone number:

1. Download the free Hushed app (from the App Store or Google Play)

2. Pick a number (from 300+ area codes!)

3. Choose how long you want to keep the number

Power your Hushed number with data from aloSIM 

When using data from aloSIM, Hushed will power your calls and texts without interruption. Here’s how to set it up: 

1. Buy an eSIM data package

2. Install your eSIM (digital SIM card) on your iPhone, a Google Pixel, Samsung, or other eSIM compatible device.

3. Right before you leave home, prepare your phone settings (so you avoid roaming charges completely)

4. After you’ve arrived in your destination, activate your data package and start using your Hushed number for calling and texting anytime! It’ll now be powered by aloSIM data. 

Why should I use a second number when I travel?

We’ve talked about how to use it, and about how it’ll save you from roaming fees (yay!). So now, let’s talk about a few reasons why a second, private number is useful during travel, especially for those group travel connections. 

Your info stays private. With a second, temporary phone number from Hushed, there’s no need to give anyone your primary number. That means you can provide your Hushed number as contact info for group travel connections, while keeping your primary number private. 

You are reachable, all the time (thanks to that aloSIM data). When you use a Hushed number and for group travel connections, your fellow tour members can reach you whenever they need

And, with that prepaid eSIM data from aloSIM, it won’t just be when you’re on Wi-Fi. Your connection will be constant, and your group travel connections can reach you anytime.

You’ll stay within your budget. Like we mentioned earlier, those carrier plans (or roaming charges if you haven’t opted into a plan) add up fast. A Hushed number, by comparison, costs just a few dollars. 

By obtaining a temporary number through Hushed, you’ll be covered for those group travel connections, while still avoiding nasty roaming fees, all for just a few bucks.

Now get out there, and start traveling as part of a group! Those group travel connections (even if you don’t loooove everyone on your trip) will last a lifetime.

Keeping in touch during AND after your trip will be easy, with that Hushed number keeping you connected.