This Tip Can Help You Find a Lost Dog or Cat

find a lost dog

Losing a pet is every owner’s nightmare. Not knowing if your furry family member is safe at home can create an overwhelming amount of anxiety.

My own pup is an escape artist, always reminding me how important it is to know how to find a lost dog. She thinks the world is her dog park and every stranger is a new friend. Despite careful monitoring of the back gate and repeated warnings to visitors, she’s stealthy. To make matters worse, her recall is selective and requires a high-value treat to get her attention. I’m grateful to say that she tends to only prance in the direction of our regular walks so her route is predictable.

While I’ve been fortunate to never lose her for longer than an hour, knowing that she enjoys a romp through the neighbourhood for an unsanctioned game of hide-and-go seek, has me always a little on edge, forever checking latches, her collar, and her leash. 

Typically, when other families are so unlucky as to lose a pet and not locate them quickly their searches follow a fairly common trajectory.

Here’s how people usually search for lost pets:

  • Distributing and putting up fliers with a description and photo
  • Posting in lost dog networks on platforms like Facebook or on community message boards
  • Posting on their personal social media accounts to alert local friends and followers
  • Spreading the word amongst neighbours and community members to keep their eyes peeled and share in the search

While this handful of tried-and-true methods for carrying out a search might be effective, why often rely on a single individual to be designated as the lead point of contact, usually with their private phone number, to receive any incoming calls or messages. This can be overwhelming and inefficient.

Here’s the better way to find a lost pet with a Hushed hotline. Find a lost dog in 3 steps:

  • Set up a Hushed hotline with a Hushed online number with your local area code. This ensures that anyone who calls or texts the number will reach the entire family, not just one individual.
  • Have your family members install the Hushed app on each of their devices and log into the same account. When a call or text comes in to the dedicated hotline, everyone receives an immediate notification on their device. This allows for real-time communication and collaboration in the search for the lost pet.
  • Include the Hushed number on all posts and communications shared to find your lost dog or cat, including fliers and social media posts to ensure that anyone who has information to share can reach out directly to the hotline.

Although you would likely pay anything to help bring your lost dog home safely, the good news is you won’t have to. Starting at just $2.99, setting up your Hushed hotline with your family to find your lost dog means the search remains an affordable way to bring them back to their loving home quickly and safely.