Use Hushed Instead of a Secret Cell Phone

|Instead of lugging around a secret cell phone

A secret cell phone used to be a different device you had to lug around with you, totally separate from your real phone. Maybe it was a cheap prepaid phone from the grocery store, or an old cell phone you powered up with a phone card, all in the name of private communication.

For whatever reason, you wanted to be able to call and text without it being connected to your regular phone number.

But using a burner phone wasn’t the best solution, was it?

Hiding a secret phone phone is a lot of work

  • Where will you hide it?
  • How often will you move it around?
  • What if it rings, and someone hears it?
  • Will someone spot it, if you leave it out?
  • If you lose it, how would you find it?
  • What if you break it, and lose those contacts?
  • Yikes! You could pull the wrong phone out of your pocket!
  • What if you mistakenly dial on the wrong phone?
  • What happens if someone sees you with two phones?

There are so many things that can go wrong when you’re trying to be sneaky and conceal a secret cell phone, and those worries might be with you 24/7 (depending on if you live with other people, and how closely you guard your privacy).

There’s an easier way to call/text privately

It’s almost 2023, and there’s a much better alternative to carrying around a second cell phone.

(Seriously, your pockets can’t comfortably fit two phones, and it’s not worth the stress trying to find the perfect hiding place, and keep moving it around.)

Instead of hanging onto a second phone, why not just add the ability to call and text privately on a second number to your existing phone?

Use the Hushed app instead

The Hushed app is like keeping a burner cell phone tucked inside your regular cell phone, so you don’t have to mess around carrying more than one phone.

Wait, what? You’re still not convinced? You still think maybe you’re better off hauling around that falling-apart secret cell phone because it’s totally separate from your real phone?

Hushed offers extra layers of privacy protection

Hushed customers value private, anonymous communication. But, of course, some people are less concerned about it than others.

If you’re using a Hushed phone number for online dating, you probably don’t care if your friends and family see the Hushed app on your phone, or see a call/text come in via Hushed. Your real concern is protecting your privacy from the people you’re dating online, right?

But some people don’t want anyone to know they’re using a secret cell phone number AT ALL, under any circumstances. That’s cool, too.

If you don’t want anyone knowing you’re using a secret cell phone number (and you suspect they might poke around on your phone), try these extra layers of protection:

1. Change the app icon.

In your Hushed app, go to App Settings / Devices & Sounds / Change App Icon. You can switch it up by changing it to plain icons that don’t reveal anything (including the signature Hushed logo)

2. Log out of Hushed when you’re not using it.

Even if you close the Hushed app, you’ll still get calls and texts. (This is important, because otherwise people might close it from running in the background, and they still need to know if people are trying to contact them.)

But if you log out of your Hushed app, you won’t receive those call and text notifications. (Don’t worry, they’ll all be waiting for you once you log back in.)

3. Delete the app and re-install it later.

If you’re hardcore about privacy, you can always delete your Hushed app when you aren’t using it. Then it’s completely gone from your phone, without a trace.

When you want to check your Hushed calls/texts, just re-download the app from the App Store or Google Play, log back in, and all of your calls/texts will be there. It’s a guaranteed way to make sure no one is hearing or seeing any Hushed notifications if they’re looking over your shoulder.

Your secret (phone number) is safe with Hushed

1. Download the free Hushed app

2. Choose your second phone number

3. Call and text privately for as long as you want