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Your life, your privacy. Text and call on your own terms, using secondary phone numbers from Hushed.

Phone numbers for everything

Not every first date is going to be “the one.” If you’re online dating or going in blind, give out your Hushed number so you can keep yourself safe and protect your privacy.

|Doing this with someone you’re dating online might not sound like a big deal

Selling your couch? Subleasing your apartment? Use a Hushed number in the ad, let all the weirdos call and text, then cancel the number once the transaction’s complete.

|If you need to sublease your place

Want to call family members in another country? Save money by getting a Hushed number in their area code, and it’s like making a local call.

Hushed for family

Hushed is perfect for cheap calling and texting when you’re travelling. Get a local Hushed number for your destination, and pair it with an eSIM so you always have data.

Use Hushed for travel calling and texting

Stores always want your phone number for receipts, returns, and promotions. Give them your Hushed number instead, and protect your real number from a spammy list.

|Retail stores and loyalty programs don’t need your real cell phone number. Give them your disposable online phone number from Hushed instead.

A private Hushed number is flexible to your lifestyle and gives you the freedom to connect how you want.

Icon for anonymous calling

anonymous calling

Make and receive calls with an anonymous phone number. Nothing is connected to your regular phone number, or shows up on a phone bill.


Send and receive texts, GIFs, photos, videos, and audio messages on your own secure phone number. Keep every conversation private.

Manage multiple private numbers

Separate each area of your life with multiple phone numbers from Hushed. Keep each number as long as you’d like, or delete them and get new ones.

auto-reply messages

Automatically respond to any text message sent to your Hushed number. You can set rules and responses for every situation.

multiple devices icon

multiple devices

Log into your Hushed account on any mobile device (including tablets) to call and text. It’s a great way to turn an old phone into a working phone again!

separate contacts icon

separate contacts

Load existing contacts from your device into Hushed, or create private contacts that are only accessible within your Hushed account.

custom voicemail icon

Custom voicemail greetings

Every Hushed plan includes free voicemail, so you can record custom voicemail greetings for each Hushed number.

Call forwarding

It’s easy to forward your Hushed number to another phone number, so you can answer Hushed calls without needing Wi-Fi or data.

Call routing

Call routing

If you don’t have Wi-Fi or data, you can route outgoing Hushed calls to your regular mobile number while keeping your number concealed.

Explore your area of anonymity.

Get a Hushed phone number in your own area code, or choose from 300+ other area codes.

You’ve got a lot to say.

We want to relay the message.

“If you’re worried about the minutes left on your actual mobile phone contract, Hushed goes for VoIP, meaning it will default to making calls over wi-fi rather than the data network.”

Eric Griffith, PC Mag

“Great communication tool. It works well, and the customer support is excellent.”

App Store review

“I can give someone my phone number and it’s not my ‘real’ number. Having a secondary phone number makes it easier to screen calls. LOVE IT!”

Google Play review

“Ideal for communicating with anyone you don’t necessarily want to have your number, like the person on Craigslist or a blind date you’re meeting for the first time.”


“A Hushed private phone line is an easy way to protect your privacy. Choose from hundreds of U.S. and Canada area codes, customize your voicemail, and set up call forwarding without any added fees.”


“[Hushed is] a viable, more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice.”