How To Call From a Blocked Number

June 7, 2023

How To Call From a Blocked Number

If you’ve ever wondered how to call from a blocked number when you need to reach the person who blocked you, it’s easy!

Instead of calling from the blocked number, call them from your very own secondary phone number that can be set up in less than two minutes.

Wait, what? Yup, it’s actually that simple.

How to call someone who blocked you

When someone blocks your number, it means their device won’t accept calls or texts from that phone number – no matter what you do. So the solution is as easy as calling them from a different phone number.

No, we don’t mean borrowing a friend’s phone. (Their number might be blocked, too.) We mean setting yourself up with a brand-new, totally private phone number that you can use right on your own device.

  • No need for buying a burner phone
  • No need to borrow someone else’s phone
  • No need to do any fancy phone trickery to unblock a phone number

How to call from a blocked number

Here at Hushed, we specialize in temporary and secondary phone numbers. We understand that sometimes you just can’t – or don’t want to – use your regular phone number, but you still need to make calls and send texts.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get your very own secondary, untraceable phone number.

1. Sign up for a Hushed account
(It’s fast, with no email verification or anything)

2. Pick a phone number (It can be local to you, or from a totally different area code – your choice)

3. Decide how long you want to keep it (You can choose a prepaid plan, an unlimited plan, etc. whatever works)

Hushed is the perfect answer to the age-old question of how to call someone who blocked you. Because you’ll be calling them on a brand-new unblocked phone number, your call will go through perfectly.

It doesn’t matter that you’re using Hushed on the phone where your number was blocked. Hushed has no idea what your real phone number is (or if you even have a regular phone number) because we never ask, and it can’t detect it via our app.

When you place a call (or send a text) using your Hushed phone number, the person on the other end just sees that it’s coming from a phone number. No caller ID, nothing that says ‘Hushed,’ and nothing that connects that number with you or your regular phone number.

When you shouldn’t call from a blocked number

  • You plan on saying hurtful things (which is maybe why you were blocked)
  • You’re only going to further upset the person who blocked you
  • You might make the person who blocked you feel scared or threatened

When it’s okay to call from a blocked number

  • You want a chance to apologize to the person who blocked you
  • You messed up, but you believe you can fix it by explaining yourself
  • You were mistakenly blocked and need to contact them
  • You need call someone who blocked you because it’s an emergency

How to call when your number is blocked

1. Sign up for a Hushed account
2. Choose a new (unblocked) phone number
3. Call and text using your brand-new number

Choose a second phone number

+ Unlimited calling

+ Unlimited texting

Only $7.99 $4.99/month

Get started!

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