Get a safe, untraceable phone number (Hushed)

May 20, 2022

Get a Safe, Untraceable Phone Number

The last time you felt like you had an untraceable phone number, we’re going to bet the phone had a curly plastic cord and you shared it with the whole family. Even if you grew up in the era before Caller ID when people would punch *69 to find out the last number who called, your home phone was never tied to an untraceable phone number.

It was always connected to the phone company.

Back in the day, if you crank-called your mean neighbor 10 times in a single evening, he could totally find out who was calling. (It might have involved filing an official complaint, but still — the information was available. And you’d be grounded if you got caught.)

These days? Phone numbers are a lot more public.

No, we’re not even talking about the clunky old phone books that still get delivered sometimes, or the online White Pages. In 2022, it takes a few Google searches to find out who’s on the other end of just about any phone number.

Technology is only making that easier. Have you ever gotten a text from someone brand-new and your phone correctly “suggested” that it may be coming from so-and-so? Uh-huh. It’s an eerie feeling, isn’t it?

How do I get an untraceable phone number?

Here at Hushed, untraceable phone numbers are kind of our specialty. We believe people are entitled to secure, private communication so they can call and text with confidence.

Unlike traditional carrier numbers (which aren’t private at all), temporary phone numbers from Hushed are completely anonymous. You can choose a number carefully or grab one at random, and it doesn’t even have to be for the city (or country) you live in.

While all Hushed numbers include private voicemail, it’s up to you if you want to record a personalized greeting or not. Hushed numbers also include free call-forwarding, so you could always forward it to your “real” phone number if you want. That way, you can hand out your Hushed number and have people dial that, keeping your real phone number safe.

If after an hour, a day, a week, etc. you decide you no longer want a particular phone number, just cancel the number whenever you want, right in your Hushed app. No hard feelings. It’ll go back into our pool of phone numbers after a while, and someone else may pick it up.

Oh, and your Hushed phone number is never tied to your name in any way. (In fact, we don’t even ask your name, let alone store it anywhere. You only have to provide an email address at sign-up, and we don’t bother with email verification.)

How does it work?

Hushed uses VoIP communication, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  That’s a very technical way of saying “making calls over the internet, instead of over an old-school phone line.”

So when we use Hushed, we’re making and receiving voice phone calls (and sending/receiving texts) over the internet. Hushed works great with Wi-Fi or over mobile data, so you can use either (or hop between them).

(Pssst! We even have a sister app called aloSIM that provides cheap prepaid mobile data, if you’re in the market for some gigs.)

Just download the Hushed app (available for iOS and Android), choose your new untraceable phone number, pick a plan, and you can start using your new number right away for private texting and calling. If you don’t want it anymore, toss it and get a different one. Heck, you can change your phone number every single day, if you’re so inclined. 😉

The name of the game is PRIVACY, and we’re here to help you reclaim yours.

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