Phone Number for Study Abroad: Stay Connected Globally

phone number for study abroad

Embarking on a study abroad opportunity is an incredible way to combine academic learning and cultural immersion as you visit a foreign country for a semester of classes.

Whether you’re jetting off to sip espresso in Italy, practice your Spanish in Spain, or perfect your sushi-making skills in Japan, one thing’s for sure: you’re in for an epic journey. Having a reliable phone number for study abroad will ensure you stay connected every step of the way.

New Friends

You’re settling into your new home and meeting all sorts of new people, including other students and folks from the area. Join local groups, gather with your classmates, or immerse yourself in the local language. Just be sure to temper your excitement with a bit of precaution. With your Hushed number, a reliable phone number for study abroad, you can keep your real digits under wraps and still stay connected.

Student Budget

A tight budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing things like staying safe and staying in touch. When every penny counts, don’t worry about racking up a hefty phone bill with international calls and texts. Instead, rely on your Hushed online number with affordable rates to chat with your friends and family back home who are anxiously awaiting updates on your adventures abroad. 

On the Move

With so many new opportunities and a desire to make the most of your study abroad program, you’re likely to find that you’re constantly on the move, exploring new places and soaking up new experiences. Fortunately, an online number means versatility and does not leave you tied down to a specific location (or worse, a landline). This phone number for study abroad allows you to hostel hop, navigate public transit, or order food from a unique local restaurant. Use it to make reservations, book tickets, and get insider tips from locals.

Safety First

Any student travel, solo or otherwise, can come with a few basic risks of which you should keep aware. Simply being amongst the unfamiliar, navigating new neighbourhoods, or partying with new friends should prompt you to keep your head up and use an online number for an extra layer of personal security. Enjoy yourself and rest easy knowing that your real number is private and your personal info is safe and sound. 

Keep Connected

Checking in with your mom and dad? Settling in for a marathon FaceTime with your bestie back at home? Either way, a Hushed online number ensures that the option is always available when you need to connect. While you might be abroad to work on your studies, that’s no reason to let your everyday life fall by the wayside. Stay in touch with your home-base school, including professors and classmates, so that you know what you might need to stay on top of to resume your courses once your semester away comes to an end. 

Heading to Study Abroad?

After booking your flights and securing your spot in the classroom, here are your next 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the app here

You can sign up for Hushed via the website or find the app at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

  1. Sign up and select the Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Starting at just $6.99, you can make international calls at great rates or text internationally from US or Canadian numbers. 

  1. Choose your local number. 

Manage multiple private numbers, including a US or Canadian number and a local number for your host country. Using an aloSIM eSIM? You can get your travel number for free!