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No swapping SIMS

A simple, private communication app built for IOS and Android.

Pay as you go

No contracts, no mimimum terms, no penalties, no worries.

40+ Countries

Get a private number when you need it, starting at $2 a number.

Text SMS & MMS

Text, picture, and video messages anywhere in the US, Canada, or the UK.

Voice Calling

Inbound and outbound calling at great rates, from 15ยข/m.

Customizable voicemail

Full-featured private voicemail with personalized greeting.

  • Get a number from anywhere

    Choose from 100's of area codes in more than 40 countries. Starting at only $1.99 per number.

  • One Phone - Infinite Numbers

    Manage multiple phone numbers from a single app without multiple SIM cards. Add or delete numbers when you need them.

  • Built for iPhone & Android

    One simple, convenient app for all your private calling, texting, and private messaging.

  • Full Phone & Texting Features

    Customizable voicemail, call forwarding & SMS* text messaging at no extra cost.

    *SMS only available in US, Canada, and UK
  • Short-term or Long-term - No Contracts

    Pay-As-You-Go flexibility & control. Add or delete Hushed numbers and minutes when you choose.

  • Get a number from anywhere

    Hushed uses your phone's wifi or data network* so you can talk without expensive service charges.

    *Regular data and roaming charges apply if using wireless data networks. Please check with your service provider.

Introducing Hushed Private Messaging PINs Free, anonymous, unlimited Private Messaging between Hushed users

Free Private Messaging

Send Private Messages to Hushed users. Always private. Always free.

Auto-Delete Messages

Messages and pictures are automatically deleted after the message has been read.

Share or Keep It Secret

Hushed PINs are as public or private as you want. Create a new PIN, share it, and delete it when done. Perfect for one-time messaging.

Hushed Events

Connect with the biggest online celebrities one-on-one.

Calls - Live. Voice. Calls. Do we need to say any more?

Text - Get exclusive all-day text access to celebrities.

New events are starting every day with the hottest online and onscreen celebrities. Earn Hushed Event rewards for even more chances to talk and text with your favourites.

Current Events
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Ideal for communicating with anyone you don't necessarily want to have your number, like the person [...] on Craigslist or a blind date you're meeting for the first time

Alan Henry LifeHacker

A viable, more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice

Sarah Perez TechCrunch

Protects my personal number from those I don't want to have access to it and maintains contact where needed.

James B. Google Play review

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