1. Hushed Version 5.0

    We are very excited to share our newest update to the app, Hushed version 5.0! This new version of the Hushed mobile secondary number app brings a host of improvements, to make your…

  2. Hushed Version 4.0 Release

    Hushed version 4.0 is here. This is a long-awaited update to the Hushed mobile app which incorporates a revamping of the user experience and the inclusion of an end-to-end encrypted messenger packed with features.

  3. Harry Potter is Back in the M’F House! Wave Your Wands Again Like You Just Don’t Care, and Get a Second Phone Number to Help Make it Happen.

    You had settled it down in your memory and were probably happy the way it had ended. After all, good won the day and “He-who-must-not-be-named” was kept at bay. But now, out of…

    Harry Potter in Castle with Hermoine and Ron
  4. Get Into the Game with a Second Phone Number for Your MLB 2016 Fantasy Pool

    We’re in the dog days of summer. That means as the temperature climbs, a huge chunk of your activity is likely directed towards some form of water. Whether it’s chugging it to make…

    baseball diamond
  5. Get a Second Phone Number for Your Second Identity as a Pokémon Go Hunter

      We all have hobbies. Some take on knitting, others devote time to sports, reading is another popular pastime, and of course, other people might prefer to unwind with a video game. Are…

  6. Traveling to the Rio Olympics? Get a Temporary Phone number for Your Trip – and Remember the Mosquito Repellent.

    Next to Sochi, no other Olympics in recent memory seems as chaotic as the one that’s about to get underway in Rio. Let’s look at a brief synopsis of what’s happened so far….

    Rio Olympics Logo