Get a Second Phone Number for Your Second Identity as a Pokémon Go Hunter


We all have hobbies. Some take on knitting, others devote time to sports, reading is another popular pastime, and of course, other people might prefer to unwind with a video game. Are you a parent? Then it’s probably a nap.

There is no shortage of ways for people to spend their downtime. And recently the list got even longer, with a new hobby that a lot of people are getting excited about. This is not an Internet meme like planking. Oh no, this is a lot more widespread than that. We’re referring to something that just received the most first-week downloads ever from the App Store.

Screenshot of pokemon go, throwing a pokeball at charmander

You know it, you may already love it or are two to three steps removed from someone who’s devoted every spare minute towards it: Pokémon Go!

Yes, it’s here. Over there. And across the street. Pokémon is now literally everywhere (in a digital sense), and you may be one of the thousands around the world on the hunt to get them. Now here’s where we think the Hushed burner number app can help.

Many Pokémon Go players get together with other people to go on a massive search of their city or town, consulting their Pokémon map then pointing their smartphone in the right direction to nab the next monster.

Phone Number to Get in Touch with Pokémon Groups

To organize these events you will likely be getting in contact with people via your phone – whether it’s to sort out what street corner to meet on or, if you’re part of a citywide hunt, to get in touch with others to tell them about your progress.

Enter Hushed. Instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your Pokémon Go life separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

Pokémon Go vs. Private Life

Screenshot of pokemon go

Given the popularity of Pokémon Go and the groups you might be joining, you might not want your private life to coincide with your gaming life. Hushed can help separate out these two worlds by giving you a second number, exclusively for the time when you’re tracking down Pikachu.

This way your real number is kept private.

The bonus is when you’ve bagged a Pokémon you can use an anonymous number through Hushed to text or call your buddies to brag about it, keeping your Pokémon Go life tied to a specific number.

This way you don’t have to use your real number, saving yourself any potential confusion or embarrassment by accidentally texting one of your other contacts: “I just caught a Venusaur outside the Nike Store.”

Life is busy as is, and if you’re also on the trail of a Pokémon, well, it’s already that much more confusing, especially when you want to get in touch with someone in the real world whose also playing the same fantasy game as you in real-time, and want to avoid calling someone else in the real world who has no idea what you’re talking about.

Hushed can help organize your gaming life separate from your private life, ensuring you can focus all of your skill to capture monsters running around your streets.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it might help you stay in the world of Pokémon Go a little bit more easily. While you’re out there tracking down your prey, just remember one thing: look out for traffic.