Make it With a Fake: Get a Fake Phone Number and Add a Layer of Privacy to Your Life

|Use your fake cellular phone number to send and receive calls/texts. Use your number as long as you want

How many times have you given out your real phone number? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably answer VERY FEW TIMES. This is because, as others would also suggest, you value your privacy and only share your number with friends or people you’ve come to trust.

Fair enough. Now take a second and think about it. Has anyone fixed your washer or dryer? Have you ever hired movers? How about an electrician? Or how about that time a friend of a friend used your phone because their battery ran out and they wanted to text someone?

Getting Unknown Calls

Persons hands holding a cell phone

Over the course of a year, the fact is you might not even keep track of those moments when you passed out your real phone number, mainly because it was in moments that you hadn’t thought about. Most of these times, of course, it’s not a big deal.

But occasionally it can be: whether it’s when you get a text or call from someone out of the blue and you have no clue who they are, or less seriously when a company calls you back trying to sell you more services after a recent service call to your home.

The good news is you can counter these unwanted calls with the Hushed fake phone number app. It gives you access to an unlimited number of fake numbers, which you can hand off to anyone who you would rather not hear from again, whether from them personally, or from a company that someone may represent.

Fake Phone Numbers Keep Your Real Number Hidden

The best part is that your real phone number will be unaffected. When you have Hushed on your phone, people will call the fake numbers you give them, and they’ll ring on your smartphone through our app, completely bypassing your real phone number.

This means your real identity stays hidden from view.

So, let’s say you’ve hired movers to come by your house or maybe you’re getting a piece of furniture delivered. To arrange the time and the details, you provide them with a fake phone number where you can be reached. When they call, you’ll answer their call or text on your smartphone as if it was your real phone number.

Now here’s the difference. Once the movers have left and the job is done, Hushed gives you the ability to delete that number right away, permanently cutting off communication. This means that if that company wanted to get in touch with you again or one of the movers did, they’d have to find another way because your fake phone number would no longer exist.

Helpful Way to Screen Your Calls

Obviously, not everyone you encounter turns out to be a nuisance. And, after a while, you might decide you’d like to keep in touch with someone. In these cases, Hushed can also act as a screening service, in that it allows you to pass out a fake phone number, to begin with, which you can use as long as you’d like until you feel comfortable enough to share your real phone number with that person.

Most people live busy lives with very little time to keep track of all the moments they might need to be contacted by phone or text whether it’s for dry cleaning or from someone who’s coming to fix their air conditioning.

Hushed can give you control over these encounters by giving you fake phone numbers that you can delete at any time.

Instead of having to answer follow up calls from a company or person you never asked to call, try out Hushed today, and see how a fake identity can give you more time to spend communicating with people you want.