Hushed Version 4.0 Release

Hushed Roars back – Version 4.0 with End-to-End Encrypted Messaging. 

October, XX, 2017 – Hushed version 4.0 is here. This is a long-awaited update to the Hushed mobile app which incorporates a revamping of the user experience and the inclusion of an end-to-end encrypted messenger packed with features. As our user base has matured, so have we and to answer more of their needs this update gives them a significantly improved user experience from our own innovations as well as user feedback. CEO Justin Shimoon said “Our product is privacy at its core. Given the variety of ways people connect we wanted to extend our functionality into more areas users are looking to connect with each other and maintain their privacy and security”. 

A major part of our update is our user-to-user encrypted messaging. Messaging is now fully multimedia, it supports the sending of pictures, videos, group chats, audio notes, and has burnable messages with timers. The app uses end-to-end encryption with offline “Perfect Forward Secrecy” that is provided by our partner Virgil Security. “AffinityClick’s Hushed app already provided millions of users around the world with enhanced personal security by giving them disposable, anonymous phone numbers”, said Dmitry Dain, CTO and co-founder of Virgil Security. “We’re delighted to help AffinityClick take Hushed to the next level by delivering transparent end-to-end encryption across all of Hushed’s messaging, be it chat, voice, or video.”

This answers an important market need today which is the need for increased privacy in an age of profound openness as well as lack of security via various privacy breaches of governments, private corporations as well as individuals. Perfect Forward Secrecy provides security at the bleeding edge. It creates and discards ephemeral encryption keys with each conversation making it extremely difficult for any data to ever be captured by a bad actor. How many stories do we read about in the media where untold losses have occurred related to people’s private information. We’ve seen in autocratic regimes how public freedom can disappear through the monitoring of communications. In short, everyone has an innate right to private messaging and control over those communications. 

For additional details about our update and its features please see our blog post on this long list of upgrades here {link}. 

About AffinityClick Inc.

AffinityClick, a maker of privacy applications, the makers of Hushed, a free iOS and Android app for private phone numbers with voice and SMS and Hushed Messenger which gives you free end-to-end encrypted messaging and calls between users. Hushed has over 7 million downloads and offers free private messaging plus local phone numbers in over 300 area codes in US, Canada, and the UK with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $1.99 per month.

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