Harry Potter is Back in the M’F House! Wave Your Wands Again Like You Just Don’t Care, and Get a Second Phone Number to Help Make it Happen.


You had settled it down in your memory and were probably happy the way it had ended. After all, good won the day and “He-who-must-not-be-named” was kept at bay.

But now, out of the mist, when you thought it was all said and done, someone has waved their pen and said: ACCIO (AK – EE – 00), it’s time for another instalment!

Ok, if you know what that means, then you know we’re speaking of Harry Potter. And, you’re also probably well aware that the eighth part of his story is now on sale.

If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about, you’re a Muggle, and it needn’t concern you. Or, by all means, let it concern you and jump on board with the rest of the Potter gang. We just think at this point, if the first seven stories haven’t caught your attention then it might be an uphill battle for you to find the magic.

But for all of those onboard the Hogwarts Express for this latest story, we’ve got a proposition for you. We understand the controversy surrounding it; J.K. Rowling didn’t write it. GASP! And more than that, it’s not a book, but a script. WHAT!

This might disappoint some of you who really wanted a nice long book to sit down with this summer.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child poster

Harry Potter Meetups

But for many of you, it’s not going to change a thing, and just like the current madness of Pokemon Go, you may want to meet up with fellow magic fans to celebrate the latest Potter story.

This might mean an impromptu Quidditch match being set up at a local park, or if you’ve got a bent for the theatrical, maybe a costumed reading of this latest story somewhere outside or maybe you wanted to keep it short and simple with a flash mob on a subway or bus?

Look, we’ll leave that part up to you. But here’s where we think we might be able to help.

With interest again in Harry Potter and the chance of meeting up with more Harry Potter fans, you will need to get in touch with people to organize where you’re meeting, what to wear, and maybe what spells to learn.

Separate Your Wizarding Life

Enter the Hushed burner number app. Instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your Harry Potter life separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

Maybe you have no problem with your Harry Potter hobby spilling over into the rest of your life. But if you recoil at the thought of your boss, colleague or someone else in your private life receiving a text saying: EXPECTO PATRONUM!, then Hushed might be for you.

Cut Off Communication When the Magic is Over

You’ll have a second number to contact your fellow Potter-ists, keeping your private life hidden from view, ensuring you’re only contacting people on a phone number dedicated exclusively to the wizarding world.

The other bonus is that Hushed numbers are anonymous, meaning your name won’t pop up when you make a call, and the best part is you can delete the number when you’re done using it.

You can keep this second number as long as you’d like to keep the magic going with Potter, but if your meetups have come to an end, having the ability to delete your number gives you peace of mind to move on from that occasional overzealous Potter fan who just seems unwilling to give up his wand.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it might help you stay in the wizarding world a little bit more easily, and exit for the Muggle world whenever you’re ready.