Get Into the Game with a Second Phone Number for Your MLB 2016 Fantasy Pool


We’re in the dog days of summer. That means as the temperature climbs, a huge chunk of your activity is likely directed towards some form of water. Whether it’s chugging it to make sure you can continue to think straight, taking a second shower, or if you’re really lucky, diving into a pool, lake or ocean.

None of the above? A backyard hose, sprinkler or loose fire hydrant could also be the answer.

Despite the rising heat this time of year, one group continues to turn it up: Major League Baseball (MLB). Not only are they now in the second half of their 2016 MLB season, but they’ve recently passed their annual trade deadline where teams were in contact with each other non-stop, trying to find that missing piece that might put their team over the top this year, or set themselves up to make a run at it for the next.

During this time, MLB General Managers (GM) are making phone calls, sending emails, texts and whatever other forms of communication they can to get a leg up on that pitcher, outfielder or shortstop they’re convinced will turn the tables in their favour come season’s end.

Trade Deadline Phone Flurry

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We think the Hushed burner number app would be ideal for this scenario, as GMs could have the freedom of a second phone number to text another GM about a player while he is simultaneously on the phone with a different GM. (If the movie Moneyball is any indication.)

However, we’re also aware that the trade deadline has passed, meaning the need for frenetic calling and late nights brokering deals between various teams is not as high a priority for them. But, if you’re a baseball fan, we still think we can help.

Given the season is heading down the stretch and will soon shape the structure of this year’s playoffs, if you are in a baseball pool, you may also want to shift some players around.

Second Phone Number for Fantasy Trades

With Hushed, instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your MLB pool separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

This means that when you say: “Kershaw for R.A. Dickey? Are you F&** kidding. You’re an idiot.” there will be a sure-fire guarantee that it won’t accidentally be sent to your colleague or boss, but to the “idiot” in question.

As you endure the heat outside, Hushed can help you prevent sweating over the possibility that conversations about your baseball pool are spilling into your private life.

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The other bonus is that Hushed numbers are anonymous, meaning your name won’t pop up when you make a call, and the best part is you can delete the number when you’re done using it. This means you can stay anonymous when you’re texting someone an idea of a trade without revealing who you are right away.

Sure, they might be able to figure out your identity if you mention a player on your roster, but keeping your identity secret at the start could still help stir the pot, especially if you’re feeling out if someone is willing to trade a certain player. Mind games are a part of baseball; why not try them out for a baseball pool?

Baseball is a long season. But we’re now nearing the point where the importance of each game matters more and more, and if you’re in a fantasy pool, it’s even more crucial you make trades now to set your team in motion for a solid performance in the playoffs.

Get into the game with Hushed, and see how it might not only help you stay chatting with your MLB fantasy league a little bit more easily but add an extra layer of excitement to the second half of the season.

Batter up!