Hushed: Fake Phone Numbers for the Greater Good

|Why do we need a fake phone number? A variety of reasons exist why people may want to protect their privacy with an alternate number they can discard. Let’s get into the details. it’s for privacy

Why do we need a fake phone number? We live in a world where our information is becoming easier to access thanks to social media and messaging apps. While the online world offers plenty of options for staying in touch with people, there can be time where a simple brush off just isn’t possible. This often means that we’re forced to cancel our current number and create another, which can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Regardless of whether we’re registering a profile on an app, or signing up to a special offer, if we hand over our personal phone number, then you may find that it is sold onto other companies for marketing

purposes, which can mean an abundance of unwanted sales calls. This is why many people search for a solution that allows them to take part in conversations, while ensuring their private details aren’t at risk or made available to people they don’t know. Fortunately, there is a solution available that is practical, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use.

What Is A Burner Number?

A burner number can also be referred to as a temporary number or throwaway number, and it acts as a point of contact, but can be disposed of should the need arise. Should you need to create a new number, then this can be done easily using a dedicated fake phone number service platform such as Hushed.

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Do I Need a High-End Device?

Hushed is available on both iOS and Android, which means the service is accessible to everyone, as long as they are using a device that runs one of the aforementioned operating systems. The requirements for each OS are as follows.

  • Apple: iOS 9 or higher. App can be used on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Android: 4.1 or higher. App can be used on several tablets and smartphones.

Why Would I Need to Use a Fake Phone Number?

When you first think of a fake phone number, many may assume it’s something that they will never need. However, once you discover the benefits of using a platform that allows for a fake phone number to be generated, it’s not long before you start to reap the rewards. The following is an example of some of the scenarios in which a fake phone number can be used to your advantage.  

The Buying and Selling of Goods

Although there are many online stores, the thriftier among us will search private classified ads to find a great deal. Although this is a great way of finding a great deal, it can mean that we’re handing our personal details to someone we don’t even know. While many online sellers are of good repute, you certainly can’t rule out the possibility of conflict.

Many deals go ahead without a hitch, and many sellers understands that buyers can change their mind when it comes to making a purchase. However, others may not take such news too well, and if they have your phone number, then you may be at the receiving end of their frustration.

Using Hushed to generate a fake phone number allows you to reply to ads and dispose of the number should it fall into the wrong hands.

drawn character well dressed with a tie sitting a computer doing a job search

Just the Ticket for Job Hunting

There are many outlets online that allows us to search for a job role that suits us, but there can be a series of vacancies that aren’t always upfront about their job listing. For example, some may have more sinister motives when posting a position online, so we need to ensure that we’re able to safeguard ourselves whenever possible, and what better way to do this than with a fake phone number.

As well as avoiding unsavory characters online, we can also save ourselves the turmoil of endless phone calls from agencies who used the job placement as fishing expedition for potential candidates. The time we invest into searching for a suitable job role can amount to several hours, so the last thing we need to be contending with is phone calls about jobs which just aren’t relevant.

Ideal for Online Dating

Those looking for love are given access to several platforms that could potentially put them in touch with their soulmate. Usually conversations will start within the app, but as you become more familiar with someone, you may want to converse further by text.

This is a common practice for those getting to know each other, and many will respect your wishes should you no longer wish to maintain contact. Giving strangers our genuine phone number is always a risk, especially when it comes to online dating.

Just as you would keep yourself safe by meeting your date in a public place, you should also keep your personal information safe and enjoy the benefits a fake phone number can offer.

Use a Fake Phone Number for Website Signups

There will be times when you want to stay informed about special offers and discounts, but this doesn’t mean that you want to be receiving marketing text messages and phones calls day in and day out. Setting up a fake phone number using the Hushed app allows you to dedicate a phone number to ensure that all marketing texts are kept separate from your personal text messages.

You’re also able to use the integration features to ensure that you’re able to save any vouchers or discount codes sent to you, without having them take up valuable space on your device. Details of which are as follows.

Innovative App Integrations

App integration is now commonplace online. If you ever registered for services online, you will find that you are able to sign up for details simply by using your Facebook profile. The Hushed app takes this concept and adds its own spin to ensure that you’re truly getting the best value possible from your fake phone number.

Using app integrations allows you to fine-tune your settings to ensure that any information being sent is never left to linger. or example, messages can be automatically deleted within the Hushed app, but you can still retain details within your Slack or Dropbox account. This means that only you have access to information, while allowing others to view certain details, albeit for a short amount of time.


Slack is an online platform that promotes the use of simple communication. This is done via real-time conversations within an online workspace that ensures all team members are working in a proactive way. While the platform is used by corporations, it may also be used by smaller businesses or freelancers working in conjunction with others. As such, we may not always want to use our personal phone number when it comes to receiving notifications.

As well as allowing messages and pictures to be sent to your Hushed account, you are also able to reply to text messages via your Slack account, which contributes towards a smarter way of working without having to pay a small fortune. It also gives you a neat way to respond to messages from the desktop. To add your Slack account, all you have to do is click the gear icon which is located at the top right-hand

corner of the Hushed app. Once you have access to the settings you will then need to select ‘Integrations’ followed by the ‘Slack’ tab. You will then need to enter your Slack details and create a team or join an existing one. Once you have entered your details, you then need to confirm the access between Hushed and Slack.

Once the integration with Slack has been confirmed, you will then be able to save conversations and photo messages to your slack account as well as reply to messages sent to the fake phone number. You can even check your Hushed balance with a command. The commands that can be entered in slack are as follows:

  • ‘/balance’ will detail the current balance on your fake phone number.
  • ‘/text’ followed by the phone number and message will send a number from Slack to your Hushed telephone number. Make sure you include the country code.
  • ‘/reply’ will allow you to reply to the last person that contact you on the fake phone number via Slack.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions in the world and is used for an array of reasons. Some may prefer their work to be in one centralized location that can be access from any device, whereas others may want to share photos and videos with another user. Regardless of why you use Dropbox, you can now make full use of the platform by integrating your account with the Hushed app.

Much like the Slack integration, connecting the Hushed app to Dropbox allows you to save voicemails and pictures to your Dropbox account with minimal effort. Connecting your Dropbox account to Hushed follows the same steps as connecting the Slack app, choosing Dropbox from the integration options. You will then need to enter your Dropbox login details and agree to connecting the two platforms.

Once your Dropbox account is connected, you will then be given access to options that allow your what Hushed number you would like synced with your account. You should note that the numbers do not sync automatically, but this can be done within seconds by simply tapping the sync icon.

Why Choose the Hushed App?

If you’ve searched for a solution that offers a fake phone number in the past, you will know how much choice there is. Unfortunately, not all these apps are able to offer the service that users are looking for. For example, some may choose an app where a free service is offered, but often find that they must hand over more information just to be able to use the service.

Hushed approaches the industry with the user’s needs at the core of its values. It has been offering cost-affordable phone numbers since 2013 and currently serves over 300 area codes in the US, Canada, and the UK. The pricing structure ensures that you’re only ever paying for the service you need, making it one of the most cost-affordable platforms available. There’s even an option for a free three-day number so you can get used to how Hushed works.

Brilliant for startups and small buisinesses

If you’re starting a new business or if you have an existing small business, investing a full-scale communication solution may not fall within your budget. Similarly, you don’t want to be giving out your personal phone number, especially if you’re trying to ensure that there is a line between your personal and professional life. Setting up a fake phone number using the Hushed app gives you access to a

dedicated line, that allows you to send text messages, receive phone calls and obtain voicemails within a dedicated platform, without the hefty price tag of a more conventional business setup. New businesses and sole traders may choose to use a second phone, but this can cause more inconvenience and expense. Even the cheapest handset will probably end up costing you more in calls. Making use of the Hushed platform means that you can separate your personal and professional life, without having to contend with several different devices.

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Maintain Your Privacy Online

While there are many reason as to why you may choose a fake phone number, it could just be that you don’t want your personal details plastered all over the Internet. Even though some may assume that entering their details when registering for social network site is safe enough, a surge of recent news reports surrounding the safety of our information means that many have been forced to think again.

Of course, there is the options of just not registering for an account, but as more and more aspects of our lives move to the online world, it can be a little difficult to stay off the grid for the long term. Using a fake phone number allows you to enter a functioning telephone number that can be easily discarded should your details fall into the wrong hands.

How Does the Hushed App Work?

The Hushed app is available to Android and iOS users and users enter their details once the app has been downloaded to their chosen devices. Due to the nature of the app, this will generally be a smartphone, although other devices can be used as long as you have access to a microphone.  

Once you have the app installed and you have registered for your account, you will be able to create a number for a duration that suits you. There are several options available to you depending on what you’re looking to use the number for.

  • 7 Days with 60 SMS/MMS or 20 Minutes Talk Time – $1.99
  • 30 Days with 150 SMS/MMS or 50 Minutes Talk Time – $3.99
  • 90 Days with 250 SMS/MMS or 100 Minutes Talk Time – $9.99
  • 30 Days with Unlimited SMS/MMS or Talk Time – $4.99
  • 365 Days with 1100 SMS/MMS or 500 Mins Talk Time – $29.99
  • 30 Day Worldwide with $1.00 PAYG Credit (Pay-Per-Min) – $4.99

In addition to the packages, you can also top up your credits at any time from within the Hushed app, or via the website. It’s worth noting that you will have to register an account via the app as opposed to the website. However, once you have an active account you can log into your Hushed account on the website and top up easily.

Depending on how many credit you choose, you will be given some additional credit as a bonus. These are applied as follows:

  • 2.00 Credits – $2.00
  • 5.25 Credits – $5.00 (5% Bonus)
  • 11.00 Credits – $10.00 (10% Bonus)
  • 65.00 Credits – $50.00 (30% Bonus)
  • 140.00 Credits – $100.00 (40% Bonus)

The great thing about the options available is that you’re never tied to a contract, so if you find you need a package with more features, then you’re able to do so easily.

Any calls that are made to the fake phone number will be routed through to your device via the Hushed

app. This allows the app to be used on several different devices, so should you need to reply to an urgent message, you can do so, regardless of whether you’re using your tablet or your smartphone.

You are also able to assign names to the numbers you choose, which is ideal if you’re looking to use more than one telephone number.

Purchasing Credits Couldn’t Be Any Easier

Streamlined payments are an expectation in today’s modern world, and the Hushed app is no different. In fact, the Hushed app is one of the few that accepts Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin as payment methods.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is popular because it provides a measure of anonymity from your peers. Also if you can’t use a traditional form of payment like a credit card, or card that is accepted by

Hushed. This makes it an ideal currency for those looking to keep their information offline, so it should come as no surprise that Bitcoin is an accepted payment method on the Hushed platform.

iphone with a menu showing, option for wifi calling selected

Couldn’t I Just Use a Wi-Fi Only Calling Solution?

When it comes to communication, you will find that there are a series of apps that allow communication via a Wi-Fi connection. While this is fine for some, they don’t always offer the functionality and reliability of a fake phone number.

Many people will be able to assess their own needs, but if you’re looking for a solution that effectively acts as a second telephone line, then you may find a Wi-Fi solution lackluster.

The Hushed app offers more than a fake phone number generator, it offers a truly secure way of communicating that puts safeguards in place to ensure that a user’s private information stays private. It

also ensures that calls can be made and received, regardless of whether you’re connected to a hotspot, or using mobile data.

When you purchase a number from the Hushed app, it works just like any other number, but allows you to use send SMS and make voice calls, regardless of whether you’re using a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

Other Features of the Hushed App

When it comes to creating a fake telephone number, the Hushed app can offer a vast amount of choice, but this is not the only feature of the Hushed platform.

If you enjoy talking to friends on social media, then it’s like you will have used a series of communication apps. While such apps are fine for conversing with your friends, there will be times

when you’re looking for some security when it comes to your communications. Such instances can include planning a surprise party, or a business discussion that contains sensitive details.

The creation of a profile is just as easy as creating a fake phone number. Simply set up your profile and you will be able to enjoy unlimited private calls and text messaging.

You can even add your own layers of security via the settings, such as ensuring that any communications are erased after a period of time or sending text messages via the encrypted message feature.


The Hushed app can offer you a series of benefits that help you work smarter and while retaining your privacy. Choosing a fake phone number means you don’t have to contend with pricey contracts and

multiple handsets seen with other options, at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for a second phone line but don’t want your personal details to be at risk, then why not head over to Hushed now to see what all the fuss is about.