Cheap Long-Distance Calls and Texts


Are you looking for affordable long-distance calling and texts? If you’ve got friends or family in other countries, this may be a recurring issue for you. During the present unprecedented public health situation, people are striving to stay in touch now more than ever. 

In the last month, we’ve all come a long way with maintaining social connections virtually, as we practise physical distancing. Millions of people have turned to Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams to get work done. Teachers are emailing students and parents to ensure work is turned in on time, and make sure everybody is OK. Friends and families are gathering online to play games, host happy hours, and catch up.

But the sad fact is, millions of people worldwide don’t have reliable home internet. Of those that do, many families share a single computer or mobile device. People have been returning to the telephone to stay connected in these unprecedented times, and for local calling, it’s worked wonders.

What to do about friends and family abroad though? How to stay connected to your loved ones who live overseas, who you may only see once a year, or less? Long-distance fees can pile up quickly.

Luckily, Hushed offers solutions for low-cost, cheap long-distance calls and texts. Cheap long-distance IS possible and we’re here to show you how you can benefit.

No more (virtual) borders, no more fees, just cheap long-distance calls and text

If you have the Hushed app, getting a second number to call abroad is very simple. If you don’t already have the app, simply create an account with Hushed here on our website, and then download the app for iOS or Android. 

Once you’ve done that, select the country you want to be calling in. Let’s pretend you want to make a call to London, in the United Kingdom. Since Hushed offers UK local numbers, the cheapest option would be to get a UK local number and use that number to contact your friends or relatives in the UK. 

Wait, it’s that simple to call long-distance?

Screenshot of Hushed app Select Your Plan page

Yes, it is!  Just make sure you check out the requirements for some of our numbers. 

Because of international restrictions involving the sale of numbers from some countries, you may need to provide proof of address in order to get a number in that country. Like Belgium, for example; in order to buy a Belgium number, you’d need to upload a picture of your government-issued ID showing that you’re a Belgian resident. 

But what if you’re not a Belgian citizen and still need to place calls to Belgium? Not to worry, Hushed has a solution for that. Choose any US or Canada number on the  “30 Day Worldwide Plan” for pay-as-you-go international calling: the number is yours for 30 days, and you can always extend it even longer if you like.

You’re in control of how much you want to spend to call and text internationally, and there are no sneaky fees. You just pay $4.99USD for the price of the Hushed number which includes calling/texting credits—you can always add more credits in-app if you run low and want to place more calls and texts.

Unlimited Plans are also available

If you’re calling to Canada or the UK, we’d recommend our Unlimited Plan monthly or annual subscription. This plan provides unlimited long-distance calls and texts to the respective region. 

To call/text to the UK, you’ll need to select a UK number to use. To call/text to the US or Canada, you’ll want to select a US/Canada number to use. (Yes, we know they’re different countries, but our telecom infrastructure treats these two almost as the same place, for the purposes of this plan). 

It’s that easy to call and text internationally with Hushed. Pick your free number and get started calling and texting with Hushed today!