1. How to Customize your Hushed App Icon

    Here at Hushed, we love our bright red icon, but we know that it’s not necessarily everyone’s style. Hushed offers you the ability to change your app icon on iOS devices. This means…

  2. Cheap Long-Distance Calls and Texts

    Are you looking for affordable long-distance calling and texts? If you’ve got friends or family in other countries, this may be a recurring issue for you. During the present unprecedented public health situation,…

    Map illustrating long-distance calls and texts
  3. Business Phone Lines: Today’s Best Options

    Business Phone Line Options for a Modern World Cell phones are a part of our lives, and for better or worse, they are becoming further ingrained into both our personal and business lives….

    Someone working with their laptop and phone out, notebooks
  4. Call from an alternative phone number – Using Your current Phone!

    Call from an alternative phone number— Using Your Current Phone! From personal to business, many people have experienced the moment of hesitating to make a call. Do I really want this person to…

    Hand holding an Iphone
  5. What Are Disposable Numbers and How Do They Benefit Us

    What Are Disposable Numbers and How Do They Benefit Us? When we hear the term ‘disposable numbers’ we may wonder why we need access to such a solution, especially if we already have…

    phone, book and laptop wrapped in chains describing the importance of information security which is helped by having a disposable number
  6. Hushed: Fake Phone Numbers for the Greater Good

    Why do we need a fake phone number? We live in a world where our information is becoming easier to access thanks to social media and messaging apps. While the online world offers…