1. Tracfone Review — The Not-So-New Kids on the Block

    Tracfone is a new phone service option. We’ve all been there. Staring at prices, comparing contracts, pricing phones. Do we need the latest in iPhone, or should we go with the Pixel? Do…

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  2. Straight Talk Wireless Review

    Let’s investigate Straight Talk Wireless. Committing to a phone plan can be one of the most nerve-wracking decisions of adulthood. Will you be able to swing $60/month for the next two years? Are…

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  3. Google Voice Alternative — Best Application to Use

    Where to Go After Google Voice? If you’ve been using Google Voice, you know the service is a brilliant idea and a very useful application…however, the app is rarely updated and as with…

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  4. Sideline App Review

    Have you ever wanted a work phone number or second phone mobile phone line that was separate from your personal number? Maybe you have a work number – but it’s your office phone,…

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  5. Line App review … Who doesn’t need another line?

    LINE.ME A Great Way to Keep in Touch If you’re tired of downloading multiple apps for voice calls, video calls, emojis and stickers international texting, and keeping up-to-date with your friends (or if…

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  6. Ghostbot Review – ‘Cause you know ghosting is a thing

    Ghostbot App Review We’ve all had that “disaster date” experience: you meet up with a guy or girl, spend a few hours together, and realize you never want to see them again. Ever….

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