Infla Dating: A New(ish) Dating Trend

|Have you heard of infla dating? It’s not exactly a new term

Have you heard of infla dating? It’s not exactly a new term, but it is one that we might have been hoping wouldn’t stick around for so long. However, we’re here to tell you why it might not be such a bad thing that it’s stuck around.

Inflation is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. We’re living in a world where prices are rising at rates we can’t keep up with. For inflation non-believers, we challenge you to head to your nearest grocery store, and tell us what you think of those price tags.

Few aspects of our lives are immune to inflation. Dating is certainly not one of them, with each date you go on typically costing a pretty penny. But for those of us who’ve felt pressure to spend big on these dates, where does that come from? And was it ever a good idea?

Infla dating is exactly what it sounds like—dating in the time of inflation, spending less on dates and putting your money towards other expenses. There’s no debating that this is sound judgment during inflation. And is it just us, or does this sound like a great idea in general?

Let’s have a look at this infla dating trend, and what we may take away from it when inflation calms down.

So what is infla dating?

Infla dating simply means to reduce spending on dates, and to prioritize spending less while you connect with your dates. But many have taken it a step further, and used it as a reason to revisit a simpler style of dating, moving away from flashy, loud restaurants towards quiet, meaningful experiences.

The term was coined in late 2022, as dating trend forecasters predicted 2023 online dating trends. And since inflation seems to be sticking around longer than any of us had predicted, this trend is still … well, trending in mid-2023, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z’s.

It’s easy to see why these generations have been this trend’s main participants. Inflation impacts everyone, but it does seem to have hit them the hardest, with sky-high housing prices and salaries that can’t quite keep up.

And this is also why many are seeing infla dating as a positive dating trend, unlike others like ghosting and catfishing. It’s an opportunity to dial dating back, and approach these new connections differently.

So how do you date during inflation?

So what the heck do we do on a date, when we’re trying to save our hard-earned cash? Planning an infla date is likely easier than you think, and you’ve probably already been on several! Here are some ideas for those of us who haven’t yet started.

1. Coffee shop

We know, we know. But how could we leave this off the list?

“Want to grab a coffee?” will always be a great way to ask someone out, and an amazing first date option. It’s affordable, even at a pricey cafe, and it’s a classic setting where you can really get to know someone (or people watch if your date shows up late).

2. Walk in a park

Want to spend zero money on a date? Go for a walk! Whether it’s along a sidewalk or within a public park, this can be a great way to hang out and connect with someone.

You can easily stop and sit on a bench to chat a bit more. And, because it’s so public, it’s easy and safe to make a quick exit if things aren’t going well.

3. Grab a non-alcoholic beverage

Another trend that many Millennials and Gen Z daters are enjoying is alcohol-free or low-alcohol-by-volume (low-ABV) dating. Some don’t partake in alcoholic beverages, while others are trying to cut back. Regardless, it’s become a win-win, as non and low-ABV beverages are finally exciting.

These drinks trend to be pricier than a soda or juice, but less expensive than an alcoholic drink. They are easier on both your system and your bank account, and can be really fun to try.

4. Play a game (but no mind games, please)

When was the last time you enjoyed some free entertainment on a date? All you need is a board game, whether you are out or at home. Dust off that deck of cards, or bust out your Scrabble and give it a whirl.

Playing a game with someone is a great way of seeing another side of them, too. It can really bring out their competitiveness and sense of humour (or even characteristics that are less appealing), revealing more than a regular date would.

5. Treat yourself, at home

You can still splurge a little when you’re saving, especially if you do it strategically. Here’s what we mean by that: buy expensive ingredients for an at-home meal, for example, rather than a meal at an expensive restaurant.

Cooking together, or snacking if your cooking skills aren’t top-notch, is among the most romantic ways to spend time together. Just remember to wait to visit each other’s places until you know and trust the person, and always tell a friend where you’ll be going.

Infla dating takeaways

What are your thoughts on this dating trend? Do you also see it as a positive, or do you wish people would treat themselves (and you) to more expensive dates?

Saving money is never a bad thing. And using it as inspiration to date differently, and create more personal moments, might not be a bad thing either. Dating should not be just about price tags, but rather your connection with your new interest. So get out there and save that money as you get to know your new flame.