Dating App Safety Tips For Online Dating

|These dating app safety tips will keep you safe when you date online

Online dating can sometimes feel like the wild west, and there’s good reason for that: even with dating app safety tips, you never truly know who you’re connecting with online.

It’s estimated that in 2022, around 366 million people globally used dating apps or other online dating websites to meet people. And with this dating pool growing every year, so does the risk of meeting someone with bad intentions.

Because you don’t know the person you’re chatting with until you meet them, it’s vital to be as safe as possible when dating online. And there are a few things to keep in mind, both while chatting online and when you meet in person. 

Here are our top dating app safety tips to consider using to stay safe as you explore online dating and dating apps. 

Dating app safety tips to use online

Tip #1: Never share personal info. 

And, to be even safer, share as few personal details as possible in online or in-app chats. 

Tip #2: Choose your photos carefully. 

One of our biggest dating app safety tips is to be very careful when choosing your dating profile photos.

Never use any that show personal info like ID cards, your house, your license plate, your workplace, or any other info that is personal or sensitive. 

Tip #3: Look into your new connection.

Put those detective skills to use! Search their name online, browse their social media, and trust your gut (and your findings). If something looks or feels like a red flag, then it likely is. 

And when considering dating app safety tips like this one, always remember: you are NOT a bad person if you feel something is off with the person you’re chatting with. End things clearly and firmly (no ghosting or fizzling), then remove the connection and block if necessary. 

Tip #4: Connect over video before meeting in person.

Feel them out, ask some questions and start chatting, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This can be hard for introverts, but it’s worth it, even if you chat quickly.

Even a short conversation can reveal a lot about a person, including any red flags that have not yet surfaced.

Tip #5: keep your number private.

One of our most useful tips is to never share your main or mobile phone number online, or in a dating app. 

Get a temporary Hushed number instead, and keep your primary number private.

Dating app safety tips to use in person

Tip #6 (an oldie, and a goodie): meet in public (and never in private). 

Staying safe continues when you meet in person! Here’s a big one: it’s important to choose the location wisely for your first few dates. 

It might feel cute to pick a quiet place, but it’s always safer to have a date where other people are present. Never meet someone for the first time at their or your apartment.

Tip #7: Tell someone where and when you’ll be meeting

Ensure friends and/or family know how to reach you, and how long your date will be so they know if something seems off, and can call for help for you.

Tip #8: Use your own transportation.  

Download Uber, or a rideshare app for quick getaway options. Whichever option works best, ensure you have a second one lined up in case your ride home falls through. 

For this and all other dating app safety tips, it’s always good thinking to have a plan B ready to avoid getting stuck in a bad situation. 

Tip #9: If you’re stuck, get help from staff. 

If you ever feel you can’t escape from a bad or dangerous situation, get help from the people around you. Whether they are other patrons or venue staff, do something loudly and get their attention if you ever need help. 

You might feel a little embarrassed, but that’s better than feeling unsafe. 

Tip #10: Never leave with your date. 

Do not leave until after your date has left, especially if you are feeling unsafe. Even if you think it looks or feels odd, wait until they have left before you start heading home. 

Final thoughts: Online dating safety

It’s important to have a list of dating app safety tips that work for you when you’re dating online. These help to keep you safe and, when you are safe, your online dating journey will feel less stressful. 

Be safe online, and trust your instincts. Always keep yourself and your information secure and safe, both during online chats and once you have met in person, until you have good reason to trust your new connection. 

And remember: use a second number from Hushed, and keep your primary number private.