How Do I Get a Temporary Phone Number?

|Need temporary digits? Sure! We’ll hook you up with your very own temporary phone number

It used to be difficult and time-consuming to set up a temporary phone number, and you usually paid way too much for it. (Raise your hand if you were personally victimized by the phone company’s charges for a basic telephone line. Ugh.)

Here at Hushed, we like to keep things simple. 

Need temporary digits? Sure! We’ll hook you up with your very own temporary phone number, with unlimited calling and texting, starting at just $3.99.

Maybe you’re selling something online and don’t want a bunch of wackos calling you after it’s been sold. Maybe you’re sick of getting spam calls on your real line, so you need a different phone number to give out to shops and loyalty programs. 

Maybe you’re using it for online dating, so you don’t have to give out your real number to a stranger and risk that they’ll call you, day and night, begging for another chance. We’re not gonna ask questions. 

Ooh, or maybe you’re just really sick of having cashiers and store employees asking for your phone number in order to process a return or give you a special discount. Hushed is perfect for having a Sure-here-you-go phone number you can give to anyone without worrying about landing on a million spam lists.

Whether you want one temporary phone number or 100 of them, and whether you plan on keeping it for one week, one year, or forever, the Hushed app is your one-stop shop for getting all the phone numbers you need — and ditching them whenever you feel like it, no strings attached.

No need to call the phone company.

No need to visit an in-person store.

Just download Hushed, pick your new phone number, and you’re all set!