1. TextFree Web Review – What’s the Story?

    There are dozens upon dozens of "free number apps" available today; how do you know which one is right for you? What does "free" really mean? We love Hushed, but we know that it's absolutely worth the time to investigate all the most popular options for free texting. Luckily we're here to help, and today...

  2. Become a Secret Agent with a Burner Phone

    We’ve evolved since burners first came to prominence in spy movies. Now you don’t need to be Jason Bourne or James Bond to use a burner phone. With a cheap prepaid cellphone or simple second number app, you can get a new number easily. Even if you’re no secret agent, a temporary phone number can...

  3. 7 Reasons to Get a Second Phone Number

    One day, you’ll have to make a phone call, and you won't want to use your cell phone number. And that day could even be today. Before the advent of burner apps, things were different. You would buy an extra cell phone or subscribe to a new line through your phone plan to get a...

  4. Get a Disposable Phone Number for Selling on Craigslist

    It’s finally spring, and you know what that means—spring cleaning! We've all been there, right? You have some old junk lying around (the bicycle you never ride anymore, the wobbly old end table taking up space in your garage, your super old iPhone), and you want to turn it into some cash! A yard sale...

  5. FreeTone App Review – What’s the Story?

    We've mentioned the benefits of having a secondary phone number a thousand times, but just in case you've forgotten, or if you’re new to the blog: they are essential for ensuring your personal number stays private! But getting a temporary number isn’t that simple – you can’t just buy one from your cellular provider and...

  6. TrapCall Review- Literally a trap for annoying calls

    TrapCall Review What It Is, How It Works, And How It Affects You Are you tired of unknown callers spamming up your call history? How many 1-800 numbers can possibly exist in one lifetime? Maybe your sick and tired of telemarketers getting your number regardless of the Do Not Call lists you’ve signed up for....

  7. Burner phones- What’s the story?

    Why You Should Consider Using a Burner Phone Burner phones are disposable mobile phones that provide additional security and anonymity. You’ve likely become familiar with them being utilized in any number of Hollywood films where nefarious individuals participating in organized crime found them to be quite useful. We don’t support the act of organized crime,...

  8. Tracfone Review-The Not So New Kids on the Block

    We’ve all been there. Staring at prices, comparing contracts, pricing phones. Do we need the latest in iPhone, or should we go with the Pixel? Do we want to commit to Verizon for two years, or try out T-Mobile? Do we really need that much data or unlimited texting? Can we afford this? TracFone offers...

  9. A Proxy Phone Number- It’s Now or Never

    Proxy Phone Numbers Did you know that you can get an app which will make it possible to create a temporary and disposable phone number? Proxy Phone Numbers and Services – an overview With a proxy phone number, you can post or give your contact number to anyone, online or off, without ever having to...

  10. Throwaway Phones, What’s the story?

      You’re texting you Tinder date, and things start to get weird. They start sending pictures you don’t want or saying aggressive things. They give your number to a few friends. Suddenly, you wish they didn’t know your phone number at all…but it’s too late. That's when you'd need a throwaway phone. Or you give...

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