1. Changing your phone number? Avoid identity theft with these tips

    A phone number can signal a new and significant change in your life: a new phone, a new job, a new hometown, a new adventure. However, that adventure can turn into a nightmare if you lose track of who does (and doesn’t) have your phone number. In our increasingly-interconnected society, phone numbers and email addresses...

  2. Line App review .. Who doesn’t need another line?

    LINE.ME A Great Way to Keep in Touch If you’re tired of downloading multiple apps for voice calls, video calls, emojis and stickers international texting, and keeping up-to-date with your friends - or if your phone is starting to run out of space with all the apps you’ve had to download - LINE might be...

  3. Ghostbot Review – Cause you know ghosting is a thing

    Ghostbot App Review We’ve all had that “disaster date” experience: you meet up with a guy or girl, spend a few hours together, and realize you never want to see them again. Ever. And they don't ever get the message. You could waste hours of your life politely turning him down and trying to hint...

  4. Receive Text Messages Online

    Keep in Touch Seamlessly and Securely with Online Texting Hushed provides online texting through its mobile app which is available on Android and IOS for mobile devices and tablets and does not have a desktop app. Have you ever been working on your laptop, work computer, or tablet, and wondered, “Has my partner texted me...

  5. Google Voice vs Sideline App- Review

    If you’ve just started your own business, you may not want to go around giving out your personal cell phone number - but holding two cell phones, one for personal calls and one for business can get complicated. Or maybe you don’t like giving out your phone number on dates for safety reasons. Whatever your...

  6. TextNow Review – MVNO and App

    TextNow is a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. This means that it piggybacks on other cellular providers in order to offer you phone service. The app is free to download, and it also promises you a free phone number that you can use for online calls and texting. TextNow is a unique service provider....

  7. Business Phone Lines options of today

    Business Phone Line Options of Today Cell phones are a part of our lives, and for better or worse, they are becoming further ingrained into both our personal and business lives. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to look around and not see the majority of individuals with a cell phone in hand, taking care...

  8. Call from an alternative phone number – Using Your current Phone!

    Call from an alternative phone number— Using Your Current Phone! From personal to business, many people have experienced the moment of hesitating to make a call. Do I really want this person to have my personal number? In today’s modern and highly-digital age, privacy is becoming a precious resource. So having an alternative phone number is...

  9. Onoff App Review- So it on or Off?

    You see people using burner phones on TV all the time. They allow you to make calls discreetly, and they don’t trace back to you personally (at least that’s the premise). For those of us looking to take back a little bit of the privacy that has been all too frequently stripped from our daily...

  10. 2nd Line app an Unbiased Review

    2ndLine is a simple app based on a simple concept. You download the app and you add a second line (and a second phone number) to your phone or another compatible mobile device. No muss, no fuss. A second phone number can come in handy for lots of reasons. If you’re active on a dating...

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