1. Video Call 101: Look And Sound Better

    Thought you’d leave the video call back in 2020? Yeah, buddy, we all did. But the pandemic had other plans. Since it looks like many of us will continue to use video as…

    Photo courtesy of VISUALS on Unsplash
  2. How to Improve Your Business’s Curbside Pickup

    Curbside pickup is a staple during these pandemic times and demand tripling over the last year, as more people want the option to quickly pick up their purchases without going inside a store…

  3. Relaxation Apps To Help Us Calm The Heck Down

    Our modern lives are noisy, fast-moving, and often anxiety-inducing — especially because we’re living through a freaking pandemic right now.  Whether you live in a big city or a chaotic suburban household, this…

    Photo by Patrick McGregor on Unsplash
  4. AirTags Have Arrived (With a Few Surprises)

    The new Apple AirTags will be available starting this Friday, April 30 — and the prospect of losing your keys has never been so exciting! We’re here to break down everything from cost and function to the surprising features you might not have heard about.

    Apple AirTags
  5. Famous phone numbers in pop culture

    When you see phone numbers in popular media, you regularly often see the number start with 555. There’s a reason for that — and we’ll get to it in a minute — but…

    Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash
  6. The Pros and Cons of Popular Video Conferencing Platforms

    Zoom is not the only choice! With work from home (WFH) still going strong for many as we roll into the fall of 2020 (and perhaps permanently for some companies), we all continue…

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