1. No-Contract Wireless, Is it for you?

    Your Phone, Your Terms: Wireless Without a Contract   As technology continues to advance, society is becoming more and more reliant on their cell phones. However, many companies force you to sign a contract that guarantees your business for years at a time! These contracts make it difficult to take advantage of competitive marketing or...

  2. TextPlus Review – App hit or miss?

    As the world becomes more global, friendships tend to span countries (or even continents). Unfortunately, mobile carriers haven’t been able to keep up: many still have to charge steep fees for keeping in touch with international friends and family. And while many apps exist to “text” friends in other countries, most require both users to...

  3. Mask number for calls and texts

    How to Mask Your Number for Calls and Texts Have you ever wished to make a quick call or text without leaving someone your phone number? Looking for a quick way to protect your personal information and identity? In the past, you had to buy a burner phone or subscribe to an additional line on...

  4. SMS Receive Free – Receive SMS – A review

    Many people want to receive SMS messages without having to pay for it. Luckily, with SMS Receive Free, people can get messages from all around the world using their phone number within the US or Canada. Is the product useful? We'll see, but awful logo really. Free Virtual Phone Numbers with SMS Receive Free Virtual...

  5. TextMe App Review

    Hello there! Today we’re going to be looking at yet another call and messaging app, helping you navigate so many choices. We still think Hushed rules though. ;) TextMe isn’t an app that plays around. It focuses on providing a range of base services that most of us need on the daily — calling and...

  6. Line2 App Review

    Nowadays there’s more than enough apps and services that let you add a second number to your phone. Line2 is one of them and we've decided to take a closer look at what makes this app unique. Line2 - 2 Line, 1 Phone Using the slogan “2 lines, 1 phone,” the latest iOS and Android...

  7. TextFree an Unbiased review

    It’s probably biased but we’ll do our best we promise! When it comes to smartphone and tablet usage, texting tops the list of most regularly used features. In fact, European telecommunications company O2 released a research study that showed the “telephone apps” and features on smartphones are generally only the fifth most used apps. That’s...

  8. What Is a Dummy Phone Number, and What Are the Benefits?

    What Is a Dummy Phone Number, and What Are the Benefits? When you think of dummy phones, it’s not unusual to conjure up visions of an actual dummy, but where does a dummy phone number fit in. Don’t worry, it’s not a derogatory term, it’s just one of the many names given to a number...

  9. Phone Number Generator App: Save Money and Stay Safe

    There’s no denying the importance of having an active phone number. Despite its introduction many years ago, the humble phone number remains an integral part of everyday life, which many of us would struggle to do without. However, this doesn’t mean it should be given to anyone who asks, as nowadays our phone number can...

  10. Anonymous Calling Apps: Are They All The Same?

    Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call in 1876, and things have never been the same since. Back in the primitive days of communications, there was less to worry about than there is today. The world has changed and Alexander could not have foreseen the kind of things people might need today. Specifically,...

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