Top Free Online Fitness Options

|Free online fitness tools to get you through quarantine and burn off excess energy! Read on for some free online fitness resources for staying healthy.

Free online fitness tools to get you through quarantine and burn off excess energy! Staying fit and active while maintaining your physical distance can feel difficult while the gym is closed and the outside world cautions you not to get too close to anybody else. 

It’s important to maintain your physical health in these unprecedented times, and activity is a key aspect of daily life. Exercise is great for both your mental state and your body. In fact, studies have shown that 30-60 minutes daily of exercise helps to strengthen your immune system and build resilience. 

Read on for some of the top free online fitness resources for staying healthy at a distance. 

Take a class—virtually! 

Whether you’re missing your bi-weekly Pilates sessions, or have been avoiding the gym since 1992, a free online fitness class could be the cure to your restless energy.

Many gyms and fitness instructors have taken their expertise to the web. This list of online classes is a great resource for getting started. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, fire up YouTube and see what you can find!  Online fitness resources don’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Go for a solo run or jog

If you are able and your local health authority recommends it, try a run outside.

Running is great for cardiovascular health, and can be safely done during the current crisis. Just make sure you’re running alone, as per recent CDC guidelines. If you’re new to it, take appropriate breaks and cool-downs; getting into running is a marathon, not a sprint. Fun, free online fitness apps like Zombies, Run! and Strava will keep you entertained and focused on your solo journey. 

Try low-impact free online fitness

What about if you’re newer to daily exercise? Many people are finding self-isolation an opportunity to build new habits, and making a workout part of your routine is a great way to structure your day.

Try out a low-impact exercise like yoga, or work on your stretches and flexibility.  

Make free online fitness a part of your stay-fit quarantine routine

Whether you’re a daily gym devotee or new to the world of exercise, now is an important time to consider your holistic health. Whichever options you choose for staying healthy, make sure you follow recommended public health guidelines. Start slow, work your way up to more activity, and try to choose something that makes you feel excited to work out!