To Use a Burner Number or to Not Use a Burner Number? That is The Dating Question


Everyone who’s dated knows it can be a tricky process. Meeting someone new is a challenge. Will we get along? Who are they? What are their interests? And if that person is someone you’ve only met online, it can seem even trickier.

Aside from searching someone’s online profile through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and whatever other social media tidbits you can find out about a person, there will always be differences between their online persona and who they are in real-life.

Dating Unknowns

Some differences might be super small and actually a nice surprise– (“He’s funnier than I thought”). Some a little bigger – (“She’s rude to the waiter”.) and occasionally some might be canyon-sized differences – (“He’s racist. Check please!”).

The fact is there’s no way to predict an outcome of a date regardless of whether you met that person through friends or on a dating app.

One way that people are trying to mitigate these odds is by getting a burner phone number. Basically, a burner phone number can create a buffer between you and your date, allowing the possibility that if you’re incompatible then you can make your phone number incompatible as well.

Second Phone Number for Someone You Don’t Know

Downloading the Hushed burner number app gives you an element of security in your dating life right from the start. Rather than share your real phone number on a dating app or with your date, our burner number app gives you a second phone number that stays completely separate from your real life.

A burner phone number gives you that little extra distance that you might want before you feel comfortable with someone.

Obviously this can come in handy when you have to explain to a date you’re only five minutes away after you’re already 10 minutes late (of course this will happen) or that you’re wearing a beige sweater and sitting in the right corner of the cafe to give your date something a little more helpful than: “Guess where I’m sitting?”

woman sitting in coffee shop on her phone

But hey, that could be fun too.

Free phone number apps give you the equivalent of a burner phone, or a phone that you can dispose of when you’re done and no one can track you back to that number. With Hushed, the difference is that you’re not disposing of your physical phone, but your temporary phone number. That includes the disposal of your temporary text number with all of its messages.

You may have said it yourself: “I said I didn’t want to see him anymore. I wish he’d stop calling me” or “These texts are too much. I said I wanted to date other people.” Getting a free phone number app can help you make things more decisive. All you have to do is decide when you want to end your burner phone number and you can immediately cut off communication with someone.

Easy Exit Strategy

Should your date flop or worse, you can use a Hushed temporary phone number to blow that bridge, burn your message history and be assured a clean getaway. What remains in your ex-date’s contacts is nothing but a fake phone number that can’t be traced back to your real number.

Dating is unpredictable. The Hushed burner number app gives you a way to help manage that uncertainty until you feel more comfortable.

So download Hushed today to get a temporary number and go ahead and burn up that dating scene, knowing you’ve now got an ace in the hole.