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July 29, 2022

63 Best Movies About Online Dating

Want to watch movies about online dating? We’ve put together the ultimate list of online dating movies, so grab a snack (and maybe some tissues).

Whether you’ve been in the online dating trenches for a while, or it’s still all new to you, sometimes it’s nice to see other (fictional) people going through the same excitements, frustrations, miseries, and triumphs.

If you’re having a bad day, you have our full permission to chuck handfuls of popcorn at the screen and yell “See?! It’s not just me!”

But even during the weariest moments of your own online dating adventure, it’s nice to see someone get their happily-ever-after, which is the case for at least the first two-thirds of these movies about online dating. (Um, maybe steer clear of the final section, if you’re looking for something cheerful to watch? There are a lot of dark, creepy online dating movies near the end of the list.)

So whether you’re looking for romance, comedy, drama, thrillers, horror, or all of the above, we’ve rounded up the best movies about online dating to keep you laughing, crying, and checking your account for new matches.

Rom-com movies about online dating

When you need a little online dating inspiration that your special someone really *is* online, waiting to meet you in an online dating app, just put on one of these adorable movies and try not to cry happy tears. We dare you! (Nah, we’re crying, too.)

YOU’VE GOT MAIL: Obviously, this needed to be first on the list. It’s one of the classic must-watch movies about online dating, featuring Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, and classic AOL sound effects. It’ll have you longing for the September freshness of a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils.

LOVE HARD: When a girl falls for a guy across the country using an online dating app, she decides to surprise him by showing up in person.

BECAUSE I SAID SO: We love Diane Keaton as meddling mama Daphne who creates an online dating profile for her daughter, Milly (played by Mandy Moore).

MUST LOVE DOGS: When a divorced woman’s sister signs her up on an online dating site, she has a series of dating adventures as she tries to find someone who loves dogs.

HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU: Online dating is just one of the ways love is found (and lost) in this star-studded flick about the rules of dating.

A CASE OF YOU: This rom-com’s all about what happens when you embellish in your online dating profile and, whoops, your exaggerations come back to haunt you.

THIS MEANS WAR: Online dating makes it easy to date multiple people at once, and when two CIA operatives discover they’re both dating the same woman, they launch an attack on each other.

DESPERADOS: Would it be an online dating movie if not f0r a hilarious misunderstanding and a road trip? We think not!

HOW TO BE SINGLE: We love a good Rebel Wilson comedy, and this time she’s helping a newly-single friend navigate the wild world of dating.

PLANET SINGLE: This Polish rom-com follows a celebrity TV host who has women lining up to date him, but all bets are off when he falls in love.

ANYTHING FOR LOVE: Worried that men are intimidated by her successful career, an exec turns to online dating to pretend she’s an assistant instead of the boss.

ANONYMOUSLY YOURS: A digital friendship blooms between Vale and Alex after an accidental text, and now they’re each crushing on someone they’ve never met.

CUPID’S ARROW: When a college professor has a history of finding the wrong man, she turns to online dating to meet someone quickly.

THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES: In order to get over their recent breakups (with other people), two people who meet on a Tinder date agree to help each other navigate their new lives as singles.

HEARTS OF SPRING: A well-known mommy blogger finds love while online dating someone unexpected.

TRAIN MAN: Socially-awkward people getting encouragement from an online community so they can find love? Yes, please!

MR. STEIN GOES ONLINE: A widowed man hasn’t left his house for two years, so he gives online dating a chance.

TWO NIGHT STAND: A blizzard accidentally traps two people together after a one-night stand, so they’re forced to get to know each other.

CHRISTIAN MINGLE: A feel-good movie about online dating and finding a soulmate who shares your beliefs.

SHUT UP AND KISS ME: When the online dating world feels less than satisfying, a 35-year-old man hopes for something more.

LOVE, GUARANTEED: When someone is determined to sue an online dating site because they ‘guarantee love,’ a lawyer steps in to take the case … and their heart.

LOVE’S MATCH: Watch what happens when the owner of an online dating site teams up with a good-looking rival (the owner of another online dating site).


Cutesy family movies with match-making children

Who knew little kids were so determined to hook up their divorced or widowed parents with complete strangers off the internet?

THE PERFECT MAN: Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear are a perfect daughter/mom duo in this family rom-com about an imaginary secret admirer.

MY MOTHER’S FUTURE HUSBAND: This seems to be the Canadian equivalent of “The Perfect Man,” actually. How would single parents ever find love, if not for meddling children and online dating?

PLAYING CUPID: A divorced dad and a newly-single teacher. Gosh, all they need is a busybody student to … oh, yup, that’s exactly what happens.

GOODBYE TO ALL THAT: If we’ve learned anything concrete about movies about online dating, it’s that the internet is always the solution for a heartbroken dad.

FELIZ NAVIDAD: Awww! A single dad (played by A.C. Slater, a.k.a. Mario Lopez) lost the holiday spirit, so he avoids Christmas by working as a delivery driver and stumbles into online dating to find love.

MY DAD’S CHRISTMAS DATE: A cute father/daughter comedy about online dating and complicated family relationships.


Funny online dating movies

Road trips, crazy hijinks, laugh-out-loud reveals, and raunchy humor abound in these slapstick online dating movies.

SWIPED: A college freshman codes an online dating app, but he’s shocked to find out one of the users is … his mother!

EUROTRIP: An online penpal launches a group of teens on a European adventure over what wasn’t technically online dating originally, but turns into a love-fueled mission.

SEX DRIVE: What’s with online dating and road trips? Hmm. In this one, a bunch of high-schoolers set off on a cross-country trip to meet someone the hero has been online dating.

BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE: A convicted bank robber pretends to be a lawyer in an online dating chat, and she winds up escaping from jail to meet her honey!

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: Who could forget Kip (Napoleon’s older brother), who spends his days online dating and dreams of meeting his special babe, LaFawnduh.

DATING MY MOTHER: While he doesn’t actually date his own mother (thankfully), this comedy follows a young man navigating the world of online dating while his mother does the same. Will they find love?

TRAINWRECK: Raunchy but heartfelt, this online dating movie centers around a wild single (played by Amy Schumer) who’s afraid of real relationships.

WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER: When a marketing exec reads that 96 per cent of women who have been with 20 or more lovers are less likely to find a match, she sets off on a mission to choose a husband from previous boyfriends.

THOMAS IN LOVE: Part comedy, part romance, part drama, part Sci-Fi. Follow the story of an agoraphobic with a computer-generated girlfriend who’s thinking about stepping into the real world for the first time in five years.

MOVIE 43: This unfolds as a series of skits about online dating, speed dating, and every other kind of dating.

THE FIRST DATE: Sorta funny, sorta horror-ish! Ready to give up on online dating, a woman agrees to one last date … and it’s with someone who shares her fondness for scary movies.

TIRED OF KISSING FROGS: In this rom-com from Mexico, an interior decorator tries online dating and turns into a man-izer.

THE INSTANT MESSENGER: Finding love while online dating turns dark in this comedy/horror flick set in Japan and New York.

A DANGEROUS DATE: When Julie introduces her single father to online dating, she never expects he’ll meet a woman quite like Alexis …

SEDUCED: Craigslist ads, a whirlwind romance, a trap, and a secret life? Ooh!


Serious (and sometimes scary) options to try

These are the movies that make us *really* grateful Hushed protects people’s privacy when online dating by giving them secondary phone numbers for calling and texting so they don’t have to give strangers their real number.

THE TINDER SWINDLER: This Netflix true crime documentary shares the stories of women who were victims of a dating app swindler.

TRUST: This one’s an intense look at the dangerous side of online dating, so view discretion is advised.

CATFISH: This online dating documentary about catfishing had our jaws dropping!

WRONG SWIPE: You might need to cover your eyes during this creepy thriller about a swipe right gone wrong.

SWIPED | HOOKING UP IN THE DIGITAL AGE: This 2018 documentary explores the $2.5B online dating industry.

HARD CANDY: When it comes to movies about online dating, this one takes the cake, er, candy as a teen raids the home of a suspected internet bad guy.

LOL: This indie movie about online dating follows three recent college grads and exposes the intense relationships people can have with technology, including one character’s obsession with chat rooms and online dating.

LOGIN: Follow three people whose lives are turned upside down by social networking sites.

THE GOOD LIAR: Wait to see what happens when a con artist uses online dating to try to rip off a wealthy widow.

ELSEWHERE: In this suspenseful thriller, a teen goes missing after online dating efforts to escape her small town.

THE HEART MACHINE: What happens when you have a long-distance girlfriend you met while online dating, but you’re starting to suspect they’re actually in the same city as you?

THE GIRL HE MET ONLINE: How well do you know the people you meet when dating online? This Canadian thriller explores jealousy, obsession, mental illness, and dangerous attraction.

BAD MATCH: We’re getting bunny-in-the-pot vibes from this one, about an internet-dating playboy who runs into trouble after meeting a woman online.

NEWNESS: This artsy film follows two millennials figuring out a complex relationship spawned from social media.

THE BOY SHE MET ONLINE: A teen falls in love with a boy she met online dating, and her mother has no idea what she’s gotten involved with. Eeek!

LOVE.NET: This steamy film from Bulgaria follows people who are trying to change their lives with online dating.

CAPTURED: An intense vigilante targets sinners on the internet, including teens messing around with online dating.

WHO DO YOU THINK I AM: A 50-something creates a profile of a fake 20-something, and starts to get a little too invested in this pretend life.

THE LIONSHARE: When their online dating steps into real life, Jane introduces Matty to a mysterious online community.

DISCONNECT: This psychological drama explores how people experience the negative sides of online dating, with three interconnecting stories.


Okay, when it comes to movies about online dating, we’ve learned a few things:

  1. Children are the ultimate matchmakers for lonely single parents.
  2. People lie in their online dating profiles. Sometimes a LOT.
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