Moving Across The Country? Take This Advice!

Hushed can help if you’re moving across the country or around the world

Moving across the country soon? Well, I’m a mover (but not a shaker). I’ve moved more than the average bear. Around twenty times or so, including small moves from one home to another within the same region, bigger moves into other provinces, and the biggest, international, moves (sure, it was just from Canada to the United States — but it still counts).

From packing and cleaning to juggling pets and surviving the chaos of your arrival, here are my best tips for moving across the country …

Organize. Organize. Organize.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is one of the most important tips for moving across the country. Staying organized when moving is not just a nice goal to have, it’s imperative to maintaining your sanity on arrival. 

Option 1 (for regular people)

Label bins directly with the room corresponding with its contents (ie. living room, bedroom, kitchen). Use clear packing tape to seal up a piece of paper and write directly on top with a permanent maker to create an itemized list of contents. 

Option 2 (for the hard core organization nerds)

Use a numbering system and a notebook with the legend. Each room receives a number and then a sub listing for box contents.

For example, if the living room is assigned “1,” the legend will appear as follows: 

1_1 books and video games

1_2 remotes and consoles

1_3 coasters, candles, and assorted small decor

This approach is one of the top tips for moving across the country, but if you’re moving internationally, this list is actually required as part of emigrating.

Be prepared to account for each and every item that you’re bringing with you across the border, no matter how small, as declaring your imports is part of standard operating procedure (in addition to having your passport, visa, and new contact information on hand).

Moving Across The Country? Get Your New Phone Number First

There are a lot of benefits to having a phone number affiliated with your new home base prior to arriving, which is one of the best reasons to set up a Hushed phone number ahead of time.

You can get a Hushed number in your new area code long before you actually live there. This is perfect for forwarding mail, setting up cable and internet, and connecting security systems.

Moving day (or days) can be chaotic and often last minute needs arise even despite rigorous planning. Share your local Hushed phone number with your team, including anyone helping load or unload the truck, landlords or real estate agents, HOAs, and anyone else you need to chat with during that period.

Oh, and definitely connect your Hushed phone number with a food delivery app, like Uber Eats. You’re not really going to cook on that first night, are you?

Hushed phone numbers start at just $2.99, so you can keep your new local number until you transfer your cell phone number to a local carrier, or you can just keep on using Hushed.

Have a Pet Plan

Keeping your pets safe is one of the best tips for moving across the country. Designate a room in which they will be able to safely remain that does not need to be accessed by yourself or by movers during the day (so, NOT the bathroom). Keep them tucked away with water and food dishes and a soft place for them to nap (plus a litter box for kitties).

Keeping dogs out of the way might cause a bit more commotion, but it’s not worth risking them escaping through an open door to run through unfamiliar territory, especially for a relatively short period of time.

Of course, if you can designate someone to keep them company until the new home is secure, all the better!

Clean First, Unpack Later

In a best case scenario, the previous tenants have left you a home that is sparkling clean for your move-in day. Realistically, you will want to do a light pass over most surfaces to clear away dust and germs before you stow away your own belongings. 

A moving day cleaning kit should include:

  • Contact paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Recycling bags
  • Rubber gloves
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Scrubbers
  • Insect and rodent traps
  • Small trowel

What’s the trowel for? Well, talk to me after you’ve shovelled a mischief of dead rats off the back patio of your new pad (my goodness, how I wish I was kidding). For that experience alone, pest control remains on the list of tips for moving across the country.

Pack a First Night Bag

The moving truck is unloaded and you’re exhausted. Save yourself the trouble of searching through boxes and pack a ‘first night bag’ with everything you’ll need to get to sleep and get your day started in the morning. 

  • Clean sheets and linens to make up the bed 
  • Towels and face cloths
  • Pyjamas and a change of clothes
  • Toiletries 
  • A cup or water bottle 
  • Coffee maker and coffee for the first morning  

While moving across the country can be S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L, it can also be a really exciting time in your life. So stay organized, keep calm, and enjoy the adventure!