Had Trouble Shaking a Bad Date? Travel with a Burner Number in Your Pocket to Make Sure History Stays History.

Woman sitting in front of a lake at night with a cell phone, the cell phone iluminates her face

“Did you get her phone number?” and “Did you give him your phone number?” have to be two of the most frequently asked questions your friends will pose. (Yes, they’ll ask a lot more follow up questions too when the time comes.)

When someone decides to give you their number, they’re offering up much more than seven digits. They’re essentially offering their trust that you are someone who would also like to see him or her again, and that you will input their handy seven-number code to make it happen.

Sure, this someone is not handing over a gold ring. Yet most people who are dating treat their real phone numbers as a precious commodity, to be given very sparingly, to very select people. The reasons for this are fairly obvious.

Bad Dates That Linger

Case in point: when you excitedly reach for your phone after receiving six straight texts hoping they’re from a girl you’ve recently been dating who you get along with and when you’re with her, spend most of your time laughing at each other’s jokes.

But soon you see the texts are from another girl with whom you spent an entire first date listening to her talk about her annoying work colleagues to the exclusion of all other topics in the world.

Climate change? The Rio Olympics? Nope. But two things were crystal clear: Janice is an incompetent moron and John? Well, John is a complete and utter idiot.

Or you keep getting texts from that guy who laughs at everything you say, really, really loudly. Including when you shared the news that your grandmother died.

Contain the Bad Date to a One-Time Occurrence

The Hushed burner number app can give you a handy way to avoid perpetuating these dating misfires. Instead of handing out your real phone number for dates, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many burner numbers as you want to give to separate people.

These burner numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your burner phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

This means your real phone number is kept out of the hands of someone who is convinced you match like peanut butter and jam when you see yourselves more like ketchup on ice cream.

But here’s the true bonus of getting a burner number through Hushed: you can delete the number whenever you want. So, let’s say you’ve given someone your burner number and you’re out on a date with that person.

Things are going well, you’ve got some things in common, you find them attractive, and hey, look at that: you both like chocolate!

Now the bill comes and he or she explains that your server doesn’t deserve a tip for reasons, which you think, are completely unjustified. But maybe they’re joking, right?

You test that out and nope. Your date is convinced your server is the worst thing to happen since whatever Donald Trump said last.

Maintain Control Over your Future Dates

With Hushed you now have the option to decide if you would like to pursue a second date with this person who is hell-bent on restricting someone’s gratuity or restrict your time with this person by calling it quits.

Part of the fun of dating is the excitement of meeting someone new. But when you’ve got past that point of newness and see something you don’t like, it can come in handy to have an exit strategy that allows you to cut off contact.

Getting a burner number through Hushed gives you that added security to ensure, if your date proves a bust, you can cut future communication on the spot, rather than have to address a litany of future texts saying how REALLY NOT interested you are.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it could make your dating life a little more comfortable.