10 Reasons to Get a Disposable Number

|There are many reasons why you should invest in a disposable number. In this post

A disposable number can fix so many problems! But they might not be what you’re picturing when you hear the phrase “disposable number.”

We’ve all seen it in movies. Imagine: Bad guy gets a call (or a text), does a bad thing, and disposes of a reasonably good cellphone. Back in the days before the invention of the iPhone, burner phones were associated with criminals.

It was an easy, yet cost-effective way to stay under the radar of the police. Over time, technology has developed to a point where you no longer need a second phone to have a 2nd number.

With the development of digital communications and voice over IP, you can now manage more than one permanent or disposable number on a single mobile device.

Why do I need a disposable number?

Glad you asked. There are many legitimate reasons for an everyday user to have a 2nd number, and with the growing rate of technology, it’s now more important than ever to protect your identity. 

Hushed is proving that there are legitimate uses for the everyday user: here are 10.

1. Online Dating Disposable Number

Screenshot of a text conversation with the user's mother. The user is asking their mother how their date went.

No, it’s not a bee, it’s your phone buzzing.

You’ve already turned the ringer off and stashed it under a pillow, but you can still hear it vibrating. You don’t need to check who it is because you already know. It’s Tom. The date that should have ended as that – a date. But clearly, Tom doesn’t get the hint that after listening to him talk about his 4 cats for 3 hours, there clearly isn’t much more to say.

You’re too nice of a person to tell the poor sap off, but what now? You need to use your phone. So you answer the cat-loving over-achiever, and now you have a second date next week. *facepalm*

With the Hushed app’s disposable multiple numbers, you can have as many numbers as you want. That way when Tom doesn’t take the ever-growing hint, you can stop him in his tracks and move on. It gives you the comfort of knowing that you can create boundaries when giving out your personal information in the world of online dating. 

2. Dedicated business bine (disposable number or long-term line)

Let’s say you want to start a food truck business, and you want to offer take out. You would need a dedicated line that the customer could use to make their order. Say you serve 500 customers every day. Providing your personal number to complete strangers doesn’t seem like the smartest idea. You can’t install a landline because let’s face it – you’re on a moving truck.

A disposable number like the Hushed app would not only provide the flexibility of having all your orders in one place (your phone), but you don’t have to worry about anyone using the number to make any unexpected orders. It gives you the flexibility of knowing that any time you’re ‘on the move’, you are still connected.

3. Applying for a job (protect your privacy)

Jimmy just applied for a job at a top-level firm in New York but lives in California. With an out of town phone number, Jimmy’s chances of getting hired have just dropped – but he doesn’t want to make a long-term commitment to a second number he may not need. When applying for an out for town job, you have limited options. With a disposable number, Jimmy can decide how long the usage will last – while also appearing to have a localized number for wherever he wants to apply.

Another case can be made as well. When applying for multiple job opportunities, it’s hard to keep track of who is calling you back as well as who is potentially reaching out. With so many unknown numbers, it’s difficult to be professionally prepared at all times as well as know exactly who is calling. Missed calls are bound to happen. Using a disposable Hushed number for your resume gives you the comfort of knowing that, when you get a call on that line, it has something to do with a potential job situation!

4. Travel (Disposable or Permanent, if you stay on vacation forever!)

Illustration of a food truck, with a sign that says "Food Trucks"

Everybody looks forward to their yearly vacation (if they can). Whether it be a 14-hour flight or a 4-hour flight, when crossing borders – there are always some setbacks. From booking your hotel and activities, preparing for your flight, packing, organizing the kids (if they are lucky enough to come), and making sure that your very tight schedule is kept on time, preparing your cell phone for travel is not the top priority. All the preparation that comes with taking a vacation, is time-consuming and irritating. It shouldn’t be so hard to go somewhere to relax right?

Having to add yet another thing to the list can add more unnecessary stress to an already overwhelming situation. It’s easy to forget about the fact that you do not have a local number for the area you will be travelling too. A disposable number from Hushed gives you the option for a short term or one time experience. Instead of leaving your personal number when you are travelling out and about, you can purchase a specific line to use locally – while you’re already travelling – saving yourself time and money to spend on the experiences that matters.

5. Starting a small business?

There are plenty of online stores that you can shop at in this day and age. Whether it be listed through Shopify, Etsy, or even your own website. When you take out the direct selling aspect, you limit the feedback and questions that you can field from your customers. When choosing a business phone system – the options can be expensive and overwhelming. Using a disposable number gives your customers that opportunity to ask any questions, as well as no complicated or time-wasting installation process. This can limit the amount of time wasted on installation or unnecessary tasks – while still providing control over the amount of communication.

That being said, another case can be made in regards to marketing/business technology. When starting a new business as an entrepreneur, it’s hard to determine key metrics and opportunities. Using a disposable number for your marketing efforts provides a quick and easy way to keep up to date with the current campaigns, and make sure that the business is not missing out on any time-sensitive opportunities.

6. Professional/Brand outreach

Photo of a passenger jet airplane flying away from the camera into the sunset

When it comes to industry professionals such as lawyers and doctors, you need to be available for clients to reach you in a state of emergency. Handing out your private contact information to Samantha who has a tendency of calling at least three times a day for a variety of non-emergency related reasons, is not the smartest option.

The same point can be made for those individuals in the public eye. Whether they are a local celebrity or an international one – fan engagement, interviews, and media appearances all require direct contact, but distributing your personal number isn’t always wise.

A disposable number helps public figures stay in touch while maintaining privacy – eliminating the need for a second device altogether. It provides professionals with a way to always be available without having to give out personal information. Hushed can act as a filter between yourself and the real world environment.

7. International calling

*You missed a call from MOM*

… *You have 16 new voicemails from MOM*

Little does mom know that as much as you want to answer her, you can’t. Not because you’re in trouble, or because you have ‘better things to do’, you’re just broke. Between classes, textbooks, food, and of course going out, the student living expenses just continue to grow. Your cell phone bill is the last thing that you want to spend more money on.

If you happen to be an international student, mobile plans for areas outside of the country you’re studying in can be quite expensive. International calls aren’t at the top of the list of things to save money on. Having a disposable number handy for those times you do have to call mom, saves yourself not only time and money but the headache of having to explain why you’ve been MIA. Since Hushed is available in over 40 countries, you don’t have to worry about not having a local number as well!

8. Craigslist/Classifieds

When posting an ad online, whether it be for a car or a $20 toaster, you are bound to receive some unsolicited attention. A personal number is something that can be traced back to your name when doing a little research. People can then find you on social media, or even locally in person. Some people have even run into buyers pretending to be interested in purchases when in reality they were only interested in recruiting email and/or phone numbers.

A Hushed disposable number helps protect your identity from a larger audience, who may not always have the best intentions. It also allows you to filter out any ‘difficult people’ who clearly don’t understand that you are not giving away your stuff for free. Once the item has been sold, you can dispose of your Hushed number and not worry about any long-term hassle.

9. Compartmentalizing personal and business lives

So much is being done on mobile these days that it is hard to escape the screen. Companies are not only looking to sign you up for their incredibly long newsletter via email but now also want your instant attention. Retail locations are sending coupons via SMS, airlines are sending updates via SMS – the list goes on. Although you may have filled out some kind of form, or actually agreed to this kind of disruption, it can be overwhelming.

When filling out a form online, how many times have you created a new email account specifically for the updates? What is the difference when it comes to your phone number? Having a disposable number is handy when filling out online forms or applications, that may only result in a one-time completion. Hushed provides options for short-term use, allowing you to forget about being contacted via phone in the future. With the amount of data mining and misinformation going on, it’s important to separate yourself from these kinds of personal associations. 

10. Event planning/volunteer work

Tweet from Iggy Azalia to Papa Johns saying when she ordered pizza she started getting a ton of calls and texts.

How many times have you gone on Facebook looking for specific details from an event that is taking place? Or tried to share the details for an event over text with someone? What if you have to include a picture or a schedule in the message? One of the main difficulties with planning a large event is keeping everyone up to date.

With a disposable number and Hushed app’s added features like Dropbox and Slack, it’s easy to stay organized and share crucial pieces of information when needed. If the rest of the members of your group also have a Hushed number as well, you can create a group chat within the app, saving additional time and effort going forward. This can help keep all of your event-related information in one place. When the event or volunteer work is complete, you can choose to remove the number and start fresh.

Putting it all together: why a disposable number is best for you!

Overall a disposable number provides a more lightweight and viable option for carrying a second mobile device. It protects your personal identity while still maintaining contact with those who need it.

Disposable numbers have provided a way to connect with people you don’t know. Leaving you with a sigh of relief, instead of regret.

Have you been caught in one of these situations? Think of another situation that you could have used a burner number? Let us know on Twitter! And try Hushed for a disposable number.