Why Hushed App Is Perfect For Private Number Calling

|Private number calling. How do you get one? What can they do? Whether you’re looking for a number that’s for a special purpose or you want to separate your business from your personal life. Multiple options exist.

Private number calling is great to protect yourself in more ways than one. When looking to speak to people you don’t know on the phone, there will be times when we want to withhold our actual phone number.

Why Consider Private Number Calling in the First Place?

Some may be wondering why they would have to use private number calling. Although many will often be in touch with friends and family, every time we give our personal details, the more opportunity there is for the information to fall into the wrong hands. As such, many try to evade this situation via the use of private number calling.

While both scenarios are understandable, it does mean conversations could be more problematic, so there has to be some form of balance in place, depending on why the number needs to be withheld.

The Drawbacks of Relying Solely on Private Number Calling

Information has become a hot commodity online, and more and more people are becoming savvy when it comes to safeguarding their information.

Due to the number of hoax calls made with private number calling, it can often be mistrusted, regardless of the reason it’s being used.

As well as people ignoring their calls, there will also be a lot of instances where certain phone numbers will reject any call that appears to be withholding their number.

This isn’t to say that the somebody using a private number feature have deceitful intentions, as they too are probably just safeguarding their information, but it can cause confusion when it comes to making connections.

The use of an app that generates phone numbers, such as Hushed, allows people to protect their personal information, without having to contend with ignoring or filtering calls.

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When calling from a private number, we have to remember that those we are contacting may have to experience a series of calls from various withheld numbers, so this can be why so many innocent calls are ignored.

Hushed can be used to create numbers in over 45 countries, and users only ever pay for what they use. Simply need a number for a week? No problem, just make a one-off payment and then you can simply dispose of the number once you’re finished.

Similarly, if you’ve decided to keep the number, then you can simply keep it going for as long as you need.

Meeting People for the First Time

Regardless of whether we’re using online dating or meeting people while socializing, there’s nothing better than finding someone with similar interests.

When there’s a connection with someone, it can be understandable why so many give out their phone number, but there can be times when some may have been a little premature when handing out their information.

For example, you may have had a date and felt that things are going well, so you give your number and arrange another date. However, as you become to know the other person, you realize that maybe you don’t have as much in common as first-thought.

At this point, the majority would cut their losses and move onto pastures new. Unfortunately, there can be those who can’t take no for an answer. This can lead to a series of unwanted SMS and phone calls.

Fortunately, there is a solution…

Why Use an App for Private Number Calling?

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It can be easy to assume that there’s no remedy when trying to keep our personal information safe, but the use of an app such as Hushed means that those who don’t want to forgo their genuine number are able to create a temporary number.

This guarantees that when calling other parties, you’re not being given the cold shoulder because you’re calling from a private number. Nevertheless, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits the Hushed app can offer.

Other Uses for a Temporary Number Other Than Private Number Calling

As advised, using the Hushed app ensures that you’re able to override the problem associated with calling for a private number, but this isn’t the only reason why people use Hushed. More and more people are realizing the benefits the app can offer, and how cost-effective it is when compared to other solutions.

An Immediate Business Number

Think you have to sign up for a lengthy contract and pay out hundreds of dollars for a reliable business line? Think again. The Hushed app can generate numbers on the spot for as long as they’re needed, so regardless of whether you need a number for five minutes or five years, Hushed allows you to maintain your number for as little or as long as you’d like, with no crippling commitments.

Although the number created is completely separate from your main telephone number, it still rings through to your smartphone, as all the information is contained within the app.

In fact, you can install the app on several different devices, and they will all send you alters in real time, meaning that you’re never missing that important phone call.

This isn’t the only benefit of using the Hushed app to generate a phone number for your business, as the app also allows for full integration with productivity app Slack and the cloud-based storage solution, Dropbox.

This allows for the easy storage of important media while ensuring you can work real time with other professionals.

Planning to Relocate?

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When looking for pastures new, it’s often the case that we will need to find employment local to where we plan to live. Unfortunately, we may not be able to find anywhere to live until we find a job, which is where Hushed can come in useful.

Of course, there’s no problem with supplying a mobile number, but employers will often ask for mobile and home numbers, so they can be sure they can contact you.

Giving employers a landline relating to your current location can often mean that there a little skeptical when hiring, as it could mean that your plans could change.

Although we shouldn’t look for roles unless were 100 percent committed, creating a number using Hushed can give your CV some locality, and could be even cheaper to operate than subscription-based service once you do relocate.

Offer Codes and Discounts

Marketing texts can be annoying to some people, whereas others may enjoy the offers available, albeit not to their own inbox.

Someone typing on a typewriter

Although there can be some great deals forwarded to our number, if several companies are doing it, it can soon become anything trying to phish out the SMS from our personal messages.

Buying and Selling

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Another great way of finding deals is using the classifieds. Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle or a garden makeover, most of the time you can find a great offer online.

However, some may to be handing out their information to every seller that comes their way, nor do they want to list their genuine phone number on several classified sites.

However, relying on private number calling could mean that many of our calls go ignored. Using Hushed to generate a number as opposed to private number calling not only means that more communication is possible, but it also gives you a separate number for buying and selling.

Should you find that you’re overwhelmed with the number of people contacting you, or you were only buying and selling a few items, then the number can be disposed off easily with a few swipes.

Why Use Hushed Over Other Solutions

You only have to look online to know that there many ways of achieving the same result in any walk of life, but that’s not to say that some are more problematic than others.

When looking online for solutions that aid you in private number calling, there can appear to be many options available on the surface, but not all of these options offer the freedom of Hushed.

This isn’t to say that the following services have no relevance whatsoever, but it’s important that those looking to use a service as a substitute for private number calling know the limitations of similar services.

Google Voice is a popular platform for creating a number that acts just a conventional landline, although it has been neglected for several years. This isn’t t say that the service has been subpar, but it does lag behind other offerings, with Wi-Fi calling only just reaching the beta stage.

If you’re just looking for an additional phone number for the long-term, then there is little wrong with the service on offer. However, should you decide you need a new number in the future with Google Voice, it will cost you $10.00 for a new phone number.

Google Voice can be used with a separate account, but this means that the account can’t be integrated with a Google account. Likewise, those who do use their Google information will find that their privacy is non-existent.

Skype is a great way of staying in touch with people, so much so that Microsoft purchased the service and used it as a replacement for its own MSN Messenger service.

As well as offering video and text chat, Skype also offers phone numbers. Many can be under the impression that these are free to use, but they actually come with a fee.

The fee does depend on whether you choose to pay-per-minute or sign up for a subscription, but this does mean that you could be spending more than you need if the number is only needed for a day or so.

Users also have to consider the fact that a Microsoft account needs to be connected to Skype, and privacy again becomes an issue.

Other Alternatives that Prove to be Expensive

When looking for alternatives to private number calling, some may look beyond apps and the Internet and settle for something more conventional, such as a second SIM card.

Although this can seem like an affordable option initially, some can find that there often more expensive when compared to a solution like Hushed.

There are lots of great deals available when it comes to SIM cards, but those looking for privacy and flexibility may find that repurchasing SIM cards when a new number is required soon becomes costly.

There are cheaper options available when committing to a contract, but the terms associated with contracts can be lengthy, which puts you in the same position of paying more than you need to.

How to Use Hushed

Hushed can be used on any device that use the iOS or Android operating systems.

Once the app is installed, users simply need to register their details and they’re able to create phone numbers that outshines the concept of private number calling within seconds.

Additional Hushed Benefits

Creating number is the main feature of Hushed, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some additional perks. Just as people don’t want to be handing out their phone number to everyone, they may not be too keen on offering usernames for Messenger services. Fortunately, Hushed is able to offer an encrypted alternative with several safeguards in place to ensure information stays private.

Hushed Messenger works in much the same ways of other messenger apps but doesn’t require a slew of personal information to use it.

Instead, anonymous PINs are created that invite other users to download the Hushed app free of charge and use the PIN to communicate once the app is installed.

How Using Hushed Maintains Privacy

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Hushed was created to offer users a safe and cost-effective way of communicating with others, without having to distribute their personal information. The business model Hushed employs means that it NEVER sells any of its user information, nor does it report information to third parties.

When giving people we don’t know a personal number, there’s often other information attached, especially if the number is connected to our social media profile, which means strangers are given access to even more information.

There can even be instances where our phone number can be located using reverse-lookup sites. There will be those who don’t mind sharing information, as long as its used in the right way.

Hushed generates completely original phone numbers, which means they’re not listed in the phone book, nor are they scattered across the online domain. This ensures that should anyone try and find out more information about the number created with Hushed, they’re not going to be able to find anything out.

Although some will be happy with giving out their information, those who want to ensure they’re in full control of their details will often have to use different service providers with a focus on privacy.

Corporations like Microsoft, Facebook and Google are doing nothing wrong in the what information is retained, but it doesn’t sit well with everyone, and if there’s a more private solution available that’s more in line with their requirements, then there’s no need to disclose information unless they choose to.