7 Reasons to Get a Second Phone Number

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One day, you’ll have to make a phone call, and you won’t want to use your cell phone number. And that day could even be today.

Before the advent of burner apps, things were different. You would buy an extra cell phone or subscribe to a new line through your phone plan to get a second phone number. Luckily, those days are over; with the Hushed app, adding a new number to your mobile phone takes just minutes.

Here are 7 reasons why you need a second phone number right now.

1. Online Shopping

Every retailer wants to capture your phone number so they can contact you with promotions. Even worse, it’s often impossible to refuse. Most people have a secondary email address that they use specifically for junk mail and online shopping. Why not do the same with your phone number? Protect your personal number by giving out your second number instead, and avoid a flood of advertisements.

2. Dating

Online dating is a minefield of social anxiety. Use Hushed to screen your messages while you get to know new people, and take control of those first few awkward phone calls and text messages with a second number. You may eventually decide you’d like to keep in touch with someone long-term and feel comfortable sharing your existing number instead. But we’re going to be blunt: sometimes you just need to ghost. With Hushed, you can easily burn your and know that that one really terrible Tinder date is safely in the past.

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3. Unknown Numbers

Incoming calls from unknown numbers are unsettling, especially when the caller neglects to leave a voicemail, or if the call comes from an unfamiliar area code. Call them back from your Hushed number; if it’s a scam or telemarketer, you can easily delete your number, block them from your real number, and cut off all contact. If it’s someone you actually want to talk to, just let them know you’re calling from a secondary phone; or hang up and call them back from your real number, if you’d rather keep your second phone number secret.

4. Pranks

This is not a responsible reason to buy a phone number, and prank calls are a little immature, but you know it’s what your inner child wants to do! Outbound calls from Hushed display your second number, not your personal cell number, so you can be sure your prank won’t be instantly discovered until you’re ready to reveal it.

5. Family

If you have relatives with problematic behaviors, a second number can maintain contact while also keeping a respectful distance. Even if there’s no particular reason to restrict contact to your regular number, it’s convenient to have a dedicated family number. Keep in touch with Aunt Sharon, and keep her from flooding your real phone line with rambling voicemails, by using a second number instead.

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6. Business

Keep your work and personal life apart with a separate number. Add one to your cell phone and use it as your dedicated business number. With Hushed, you can maintain a professional number without carrying another phone — who wants the hassle of carrying around two devices? Better yet, if you use your second phone number for business reasons, it’s tax-deductible.

7. Privacy

In addition to providing second phone numbers, Hushed focuses on privacy. When you make a Hushed call/text, the recipient can only see your Hushed number, no other information is shared–ever. Hushed numbers are VoIP numbers, so they can’t be traced like regular cell numbers. Even *67 and other call-back features won’t work on them.

Get Started Now

We could list a dozen more reasons why you may want a Hushed number, but we’re certain that one of the above already applies. With a second phone number, you can rest easy knowing your life is organized, and privacy is secure. Set up your second number with Hushed now, and have your second number ready to use when you need it. Claim your 3 Day Free Number today!