Get an Anonymous Phone Number to Keep Your Identity Safe From Unwanted Calls


Have you ever wondered why you’re getting calls from random 1-800 telemarketers that you’ve never heard of? Or better yet, a text pops up asking you to click on a sketchy weblink? Obviously, you never asked for these companies to contact you. So, how does this happen?

The reality is, every time you include your real phone number on a form, whether it’s at a local fair to win a trip to Hawaii, or on a social media profile, the companies receiving your information may well be farming out this information to other companies that, in turn, want to market products to you.

Call Lists You Never Agreed To

Even if you’ve asked this first company NOT to share your info with other companies, someone who’s uninterested in your consent could still have gathered up your number through sketchy means. Now once your real number is out, consider that it could be placed on more call lists that these companies might sell to other companies that could well go on to sell them to even more companies.

Based on this, you can begin to get a sense of how one small, innocuous form you filled out has now translated into texts from a Romanian area code – whose message insists you click a weblink to find out the link brings you to “someone who likes you”.

Anonymous Numbers Can Sidestep the Problem

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The Hushed anonymous number app can help you manage these scams and annoyances. It gives you access to anonymous phone numbers, which you can fill out on forms you come across in your daily life with the bonus that you’ll still be contacted on your existing smartphone.

The only difference is that when someone calls your anonymous number you’ll answer through Hushed, rather than through your real phone number.

This way you keep your real identity secret while still receiving phone calls from people that you’d like to hear from, such as a screaming radio host explaining that you won a trip to Hawaii.

And, at those times when an unknown international number pops up, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your real phone number is protected.

Anonymous Numbers That Allow You to Erase All Contact

But that’s not all. The anonymous numbers you get through Hushed can be deleted at any time. So, let’s say you’re getting an avalanche of texts or calls from a particular telemarketer that’s convinced themselves you’re an easy mark, or you’re just getting a flood of unsolicited calls from a bunch of different telemarketers: not only can you ignore their calls, you can delete the number they’re calling and erase them for good.

This means that even if you were to answer one of their calls on an anonymous number, fueling their efforts to keep calling you back, Hushed gives you an added layer of security by allowing you to pull the plug altogether. With anonymous numbers that you can delete at any time, you get to stay in control of your communication, regardless of how often a telemarketer wants to call.

Information is abundant in today’s society, and perhaps, because of this, some people also see privacy as an out-dated concept. Yet when it comes to the day-to-day use of your phone, there are clear benefits to protecting your identity.

Hushed can give you the security you need to avoid these scams by giving you anonymous phone numbers as a cover against unwanted telemarketers and sketchier groups.

Try out Hushed today, and see how staying anonymous on the phone can help ensure you always get the last word.