Get a Free Fake Phone Number in Under 3 Minutes

|Make a fake free phone number in under 3 minutes using a fake cellular number generator. Use your fake cellular phone number to send and receive calls/texts.

Make a fake phone number in under 3 minutes using a fake cellular number generator.

Use your fake cellular phone number to send and receive calls/texts and phone calls. Use your number as long as you want, or treat it as a disposable burner number and delete it at any time, leaving no trace behind!

If that sounds too good to be true, you’ll want to read this article! (We promise, it’s the simplest thing you’ll ever do to protect your privacy).

Why should I get a fake free phone number?


If you’re thinking, “I already pay for my cell phone, why should I add a second phone number to my device? Isn’t that expensive?” then you’ve misunderstood.

We’re not talking about adding a second line to your phone plan with your mobile services provider (and you’re right, that can be expensive!)

Rather, we’re suggesting a way to add a fake free phone number onto your device without going through your cellular carrier.  Instead, use a mobile app to generate a VoIP number. 

Some reasons why you may want a fake number:


Privacy — Fake extra numbers are a convenient way to add a layer of security to your daily life, so random people don’t know your regular cell phone number. Use a disposable number as a one-time thing and “burn” it when you’re done. Or keep your number long-term as a second line! 

Travel — If you’ll be spending time in a new place, it can be handy to have a local phone number for calling around, making reservations, etc. So get a fake number for the place you’re staying, keep it for the duration of your trip, then cancel it as soon as you leave.

Long-distance calls — Need to place a long-distance call or even an overseas call? Get a fake phone number generated in your contacts’ local area code. If they’re in New York and you’re in London, get a New York phone number and call them using that. This will keep their calling costs low because the call will appear to their phone company to be occurring with a local New York phone number, instead of your long-distance London phone number. 

Online Dating — Make a fake phone number for online dating. Stay safe on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and all the rest. You won’t have to give out your real phone number, but you’ll still be able to call and text with someone new while keeping your identity private. Your date will never know it’s not your real number!

Retail — So many stores are asking for phone numbers in order to give you a receipt, complete a transaction, or issue a refund. And you don’t want a store to have your real phone number and add it to a spammy list, right? Give them your fake number instead, and they’ll have no idea.

Forms — If you’re registering for just about anything online, they’ll insist on a phone number as well as an email address. Put down your fake phone number instead of your real one. You’ll still get calls and texts, but you can easily screen them if they’re junky spam.

Can I really just make my own phone number? Is that safe?


You can, and it is! It’s very easy to do using the free Hushed app

Hushed is the best option for getting a fake phone number quickly and easily. Hushed does not even require any verification information, so you don’t input your real phone number at any time, or even your name. It’s also a privacy-focused app, so no personally-identifying information is collected from you. (All we need is an email address.) 

Your real telephone number is not involved in your connection with Hushed. That means that your real phone number will never show up, or be connected in any way to your Hushed number. Only your fake virtual number shows up when you place a call or text using it!

Want to try it for free before you buy? Hushed offers a free 3-Day Trial Number, so you can try out the app at no cost at all! Your free trial number takes less than 3 minutes to claim. Once you have your phone number, you can start calling and texting right away! We know you’re gonna love it.

Get a number from Hushed


If you want to get a second phone number that you can keep and share with anyone you’d like, you can do so easily by getting a fake premium number on the Hushed app. These numbers will also work for international calling if selected on the 30 Day Worldwide Plan.

You can easily get a fake second number in three easy steps.

  1. Download the Hushed App.  Hushed is available for both iOS and Android. Get the latest version by downloading it directly from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Create your Hushed account. On the “Sign Up” page within the app, enter your username and select a password. Your username should be an email address so that you can reset your password if you ever forget it. Hushed does not use any account verification, so if you enter a fake email address, make sure that you remember your password. With a Hushed account, you can log into your account from any iOS or Android device and manage all your numbers. 
  3. Claim your Free 3 Day Trial Number. Choose a U.S. or Canada number from any of our available area codes! Or select a random area code, if you’re feeling lucky. Once you have your number, you can start calling and texting easily! Hushed Free 3-Day Trial Numbers are completely free with a subscription, and you won’t be charged until after the three days are over. (So you can cancel before the three days are up, and you won’t pay anything.)

It’s so easy to get a fake phone number!


After you’ve claimed your fake Hushed number, you can always get another one in a different country. Hushed offers numbers in 300+ area codes, so you can add as many numbers to your account as you’d like.

With Hushed, there’s no limit to how many numbers you have on a single account. Burn your fake number at any time! Or if you prefer, extend your free fake number onto a paid plan and keep using it long term.

Hushed uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which means our calls and texts run over the internet. This means Hushed numbers won’t use your regular carrier’s calling minutes, or have anything to do with your regular phone plan. Instead, Hushed uses WiFi or data. 

Whether it’s to protect your privacy online, dodge long-distance fees, keep yourself safe when online dating, or any other use-case, Hushed is the best fake number app on the market today! 

Get started anytime by downloading the free Hushed app!