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August 22, 2016

Cure a Bad Date Before it Becomes Chronic. Get a Burner Number Before Your Next Date.

You just had a week’s vacation away, somewhere hot with a nice beach and tropical water. But now you don’t feel so hot. Your throat is scratchy, you’re sniffling and your pockets are stuffed with balled up tissue. Now time for bad dates yes?

It’s the airplane. Everyone blames the airplane and its recalculated air. But in fact the air on an airplane is filtered and well sanitized. Instead, the culprit may be germs you picked up from an airplane’s bathroom or even your tray table.

Sick girl with eyes closed blowing nose into tissue

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Add all of that up with the shock of being back to work and bingo bango, you’re feeling crappy.

Now that you’ve returned with more baggage from your trip, what do you do? Maybe some Tylenol – pop some Vitamin C and if you’re really digging deep, Oil of Oregano?

The point is, when you get sick it’s highly likely that you’ll take some kind of action to try to feel better. Unfortunately, in this case, you probably can’t take off any more days from work, since you just came off a vacation.

But drugs, herbal and home remedies? You’ll line them up for your own personal buffet.

Now let’s turn to dating. A bad date can sometimes feel like a bad cold. You could feel lousy throughout, get aches and pains, your hands might be clammy and you may prefer to be asleep.

Grossed out girl on bad date sticking her tongue out and making a face

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The worst part is that these symptoms can persist. In some cases, your bad date won’t disappear. He or she calls and texts you repeatedly afterwards to see if you’d like to hang out again or keeps asking: “What did I do?” for weeks after you’ve explained you’re not interested in seeing them again.

We’re not medical doctors. But we think that the Hushed burner number app can be a helpful antidote to treat the potentially chronic condition of a bad date.

Here’s how it works. Hushed gives you a second phone number or burner number, which you can provide to your new date. You can get as many burner numbers as you want to make calls, receive calls or send texts.

The only difference is when someone calls or sends a message to your burner phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

This means that when you feel the symptoms of a bad date coming on during your first encounter with someone, as long as you’ve given them a burner number, you can delete this number right away, and restore your self back to normal health.

Happy girl about to try Hushed. Looking like her problem was solved.

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Because you’ve given your bad date a burner number, he or she can’t reach you anymore, and so you can end it right away, rather than have that person try to contact you for weeks’ afterwards.

Much as you would treat a cold immediately, hopefully preventing it from becoming something worse, or at least persisting longer, Hushed can offer a remedy to a bad date by allowing you to prevent it from going any further.

If you’re out in the world dating a bunch of people, it’s inevitable that things won’t always go smoothly.

Hushed gives you some control to set things straight by calling it quits right away, rather than dragging it on, keeping you feeling miserable.

Try out Hushed today. For dating, you might find it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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