Four New Ways to Use the Hushed App


Hushed customers use the app for travel, dating, business, and buying and selling. Those are pretty broad categories, but they’re the core use-cases for the Hushed app. Lately, we’ve noticed new use-cases for the Hushed app emerging, and more people than ever are using their secondary numbers to stay in touch!

Teachers, restaurants, and long-distance callers are just some of the people using Hushed to connect while social distancing.


With schools out across the world, teachers are finding new ways to stay connected to their students. Teachers are using the app to check in on assignments, exams, and mental health, with both students and parents.


Establishments that have never before offered delivery are finding new ways to get your food to during social distancing, so that they can stay in business. They’re using Hushed to text you when your order is out for delivery, or when they’ve provided contactless delivery and left that pizza on your porch.

Long-distance calls

Hushed makes it easy to call and text abroad with our Worldwide Plan pay-as-you-go option, and saves the hassle of long-distance fees or calling cards. Hushed allows you to call or text to just about anywhere in the world. During the present situation, people are using Hushed to connect while social distancing more than ever, and they’re connecting dozens of different countries from their dedicated international phone number.

Curbside pickup locations

This applies to restaurants, retail, pharmacies, banks, all kinds of brick-and-mortar stores that haven’t been able to fully swivel to online-only while social distancing. They’ll call/text you when your order is ready, or give you a dedicated number to call when you arrive, or both!

So many ways to use Hushed!

However you choose to use Hushed to connect while social distancing, we’re here for you in this difficult time. Pick your free number and get started calling and texting with Hushed today!