February 13, 2013

What’s So Different About Hushed?

The Hushed app has been compared to similar social networking, communication and utility apps on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Here are a few things that set Hushed apart from the rest:

Reach More People

The Hushed app is available in over 240 countries worldwide and gives the user full control to create any local number from these countries. Placing calls and sending messages through Google Voice is offered to users located in the United States only and isn’t available anywhere else. Other similar services are made entirely for the iPhone and are not compatible with any other mobile platform.

Dispose Your Numbers at Any Time

Hushed numbers are temporary and can be disposed at any time after it’s been created. Different types of phone number plans for short-term or long-term usage are available but can simply let the credits expire or delete the number manually from the settings page to dispose of it.

Leave a Message

When you create a number on Hushed, the app comes with free voicemail which allows callers to leave a voice message when you don’t pick up. Aside from placing voice calls, Hushed lets users send and receive SMS messages with that number.

About Hushed

Hushed is a FREE Android and iPhone mobile app that lets users create multiple private numbers to place voice calls and send SMS messages to contacts anonymously. Hushed offers local numbers in over 300 area codes in US, Canada, and UK with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $1.99 and $0.015/minute talk time. With over 250,000 downloads Hushed is the choice whether you’re looking for a private number for business or personal calling.

Choose a second phone number

+ Unlimited calling

+ Unlimited texting

Only $7.99 $4.99/month

Get started!

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